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Starting out in Triathlon - HELP!!!

Hey gang, im am just about to start out in the world of Triathlon, and well, need loads of help and advice.

I want to do my 1st race on the 25th of May in Wetherby, yorkshire.....but dont have any of the gear needed (Bike, wetsuit...you name it, I aint got it) and haven't really started training either.

Although Ive got a overall good fitness level, my main concern is the amount of gear I need to get hold of in the next 2 months.............So please HELP!!!

Any tips, advice or pointing in the direction of such will be much appreciated!




  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    beg steal borrow...wha you can't get these ways, buy, plenty of econdhand stuff out there waiting for a buyer..
  • worth hiring a wetsuit. The London Triathlon rent them for the whole season (used to be £50) and you can buy them at the end of the year for an extra £100 if you want. A few other shops offer the same type of deal - I can't remember which ones but you should find some if you google 'triathlon wetsuit hire'

    Other than the wetsuit, the only things that you have to have are: bike, bike helmet, goggles, something to wear and trainers. If you have the cash available then other useful bits of kit include trisuit, racebelt, elastic laces, anti-mist solution for the goggles, bodyglide or some similar non-petroleum lubricant to help get the wetsuit off, cycle shoes and clipless pedals, tri-bars, water bottles and cages for the bike, bike repair kit for punctures with CO2 refil cannister (carried in a pouch under the bike seat) and bike sunglasses (though none or your current pair will do for most races). Of the optional kit, I think that the shoes/clipless pedals, trisuit, racebelt and elastic laces are the most important, but there's really no end to the amount of kit that you can buy if you really want to..... If you know someone of roughly comparable height who has a reasonable bike then I'd borrow that for the first race and only buy one once you're sure that you want to carry on!

    Good luck

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