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Need bike advice

I know this is not Triathlon related, but this forum seems to be clued up on bikes.

My expirances of road riding are cycling a few miles to school each day when I was younger. However, while under the infulance I agreed to do the London to Brighton road ride (54 miles).


While I jog and run I thought I should get training now, as I havnt ridden in years. So Im looking for a new bike. I want something I can use for the above 54 mile road ride, training, and get to and from work on (2 miles each way) and not too expensive.

I was looking at the following bike, how would this suit my needs. Is there anything else you would recommend?


[align=center]MERCURIO ROAD RACE BIKE[/align] [ul][*] [align=left]LIGHTWEIGHT MERCURIO ALLOY FRAME[/align][*] [align=left]DEEP SECTION A-350 MERCURIO AERO RIMS[/align][*] [align=left]ALLOY HUBS[/align][*] [align=left]ALLOY CAGE PEDALS[/align][*] [align=left]ALLOY DOUBLE CHAINSET ..52-42..[/align][*] [align=left]ALLOY MICRO ADJUSTABLE SEAT POLE[/align][*] [align=left]ALLOY CALIPER BRAKES[/align][*] [align=left]INDEX DOWN TUBE SHIFTERS[/align][*] [align=left]14 SPEED SHIMANO SIS GEARS[/align][/ul]


  • guv001guv001 Posts: 227
    My advice would be, buy a second hand one off ebay or someone local to you, you'll get more for your money.
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