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Newbie Questions

Hello fellow mad people.

I've entered the 70.5 at Wimbleball, which seeing as I've never done a tri before, was possibly a little optimistic, however training is going well so I'm confident that I will be fit enough by then, I do however have a few questions;

1)Aerobars, do I need them, or do many people stick with standard drops?

2)Wetsuit, are tri wetsuits very different from surfing ones? Would a 3/2 surf suit be OK or not?(I don't own either at the moment, but would rather not buy one for tri's and another new one for surfing)

3)Has anyone done the New Forest Triathlon? I'm thinking I should do at least one Olympic distance before Wimbleball, is this a good one to tri(sic) for?


  • Steveaich,

    Nothing like jumping in the deep end hey!

    Aerobars, I think they are a must, I got my set last year and, although they took me 2 months to set up properly the results are great. I can cycle faster and for longer with a lower HR when I'm on the bars then when I'm riding on normal drop bars.

    Wetsuit wise, get a decent Tri specific one. I've never raced in a surfing one but after reading Not normal Behaviour by Stuart Staples I get the impression thats it's not a good idea.

    BTW Not Normal Brhaviour is a great read and even though its about an Ironman race, there are lots of tips and trick thats would have helped me out when I was just starting and its also bl**dy funny and reminds me of my first few races!

    Good luck at Wimbleball, I'll see you there!
  • Best to hire the wetsuit (you do need a swimming wetsuit, it's much better for triathlon than a surfing one).

    Several triathlon shops hire wetsuits, mostly for £40-50 per season (till end August). If you like the suits you can generally buy them for the balance of the purchase price. Others can recommend good hire places (I got mine from London Triathlon last year for £50) but I think there is one in Cornwall or Devon that costs £40 and has been given good reviews on here before.

  • AlgarniAlgarni Posts: 46
    I would definately hire a Tri specific Wetsuit. There are a couple of shops on the web that will hire them out and post them to you.

    I don't think aerobars are essential but they do help if you are trying to get a fast time. For your first Tri you may just want to stick to normal drop downs and finish than get aerobars and tire yourself out on them. (they do take quite a bit of getting used to)

    Good luck !!!!!
  • You can hire wetsuits from

    www.triuk.com for £25 a season aswell. They will post it to you.
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