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Karnoven Heart rate

Im not sure but I would imagine this would relate to the training intensity needed to maintain your fitness. If you are looking to improve Id push higher. But as I say Im not entirely sure.


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    jeanmongjeanmong Posts: 23

    I have recently discovered Karnoven formula to calculate the heart rate training zone and this has helped me to improve significantly.

    However, there is one aspect of the formula that i dont understand:

    As our fitness improve our Resting heart rate decrease , and a/c to the Karnoven folrmula (HR = RHR +%(MHR-RHR) = RHR(1-%) -%MHR) so, for the same training % zone, the heart rate declines with the RHR

    .So the better our shape , the lower the heart rate we need trained at




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