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Aero Bars advice please!!

Hello everyone,

I need some advice on Profile Aero Bars, or just aero bars generally.

I have a Bh road bike and am looking to just add clip on's and have a look at the Carbon stryke and the CGT models in the Profile range.....

What are peoples expereinces with these bars..Is it better for them to bend in at the end where you grip them, or bend out....I'm a bit of a rookie with these so any tips/advice would be great.

Thanks alot,



  • A key factor is your height. If you are tall (6' or over?) then you should get adjustable bars - the fixed ones will probably be too small and will stop you from getting a comfortable position.
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi Johnny,I'm 6ft 2'' and am quite happy using a cheap pair of all in one clip ons as they allow me to use a multitude of positions,they is a slight reduction in bike handling using them.When I started out I did use two tt bars but they were not as good as the all in one.You can always increase/decrease the bar length by putting on a different handlebar stem length,due to an inflexible back I opt for a short stem length to reduce the pressure.Hope this helps.

  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    I prefer mint aero bars myself!!!! Sorry about that, I'll throw in my tuppence worth: After a long time researching and trying and asking and badgering I went for a set of Syntace base bars and syntace c2 aero bars. Ok they're not carbon nor are they blade like but they are light and very adjustable and this has been great as I tweak my riding position
  • Awesome, thanks for the help guys, i’m still not entirely sure what to get, but im going to try a few this weekend and see what they feel like and hopefully buy my way into a faster tme!!!
  • pdundepdunde Posts: 99
    Just to give you my opinion, if you attaching cip ons, my advice on a racer is to go for the Profile t2+ (non carbon version of the t2 Cobra's). Ive put them on my racer and they are truly great....they also weigh about 2/3 of the carbon stryke, and cost about 2/3 of the price as well! Plus they are a "little bit" more aero to boot.

    Ive since moved on to a full aero bike for race events, but my racer with T2+ alloys is still a very compitent race machine.
  • I also have the profile t2+ bars and have no complaints. I can't compare as I haven't tried any other bars but htey are light, comfortable and will hopefully propel me to a massive PB this year (I wish...)
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