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Pinnacle Bikes

Can anyone offer any advice on, or does anyone have any experience of Pinnacle bikes? I am another beginner to triathlon and am looking to purchase my first bike. I have read all the other postings but didn't read anything about about these particular bikes. I really just wanted to gain an idea of how these compare to the other entry level bikes that have been suggested, such as the Specialized Allez and the Giant SCR ranges, considering they are a relatively new make of bike.

Any advice would be much appreciated!


  • rpopper65rpopper65 Posts: 171
    I odn't have any experience of Pinnacle bikes, but the Sentinal looks like it has similar specs to those of the Specialized Allez or the Giant SCR 2.0. They all look like excellent entry level bikes, with a decent aluminum frame, carbon fork, decent alloy wheels, Sora gearset and all the other decent components that will give you a durable, reasonably lightweight ride to get you started. The only difference that I can see in terms of price is that Evans Cycles (www.evanscycles.com) is offering last year's Specialized Allez Double for £450, which is £50 cheaper than the Pinnacle Sentinal 1.0 at £500. Now is a good time to find stores selling off the 2006 models at cheaper prices. I have seen some places taking 20-25% off of last year's stock so they can make way for the new bikes in anticipation of the big buying rush that often takes place in May or whenever the weather gets warmer.

    Also, if you are confident in knowing what you're looking at (in terms of understanding all the variations in components and specifications, and especially knowing what is the right frame size for you), then you might do well for your money on eBay. There are some real bargains there, but only if you know what you're looking for and have a lot of patience for reading through the specs on a bike.
  • traubeatraubea Posts: 7
    Thanks for the info! I have actually trialled both the Specialized and the Pinnacle at Evans cycles, both are good rides and it was difficult to find fault with either. The advantage with the Pinnacles, I was informed, are that because the company is relatively new, they only have a limited number of frames and therefore you might get a slightly better frame on the these bikes than on the Specialized or the Giant. However, the newness of the Pinnacle company, is one of my concerns although this maybe unfounded.

    I wasn't offered any of the 2006 model, neither were these mentioned, but this is definitely something I will bare in mind in the future.

    Anyway back to the bike trials and cheers for the advice [:D]
  • TTX PROTTX PRO Posts: 225
    tried Bianchi
  • traubeatraubea Posts: 7
    I'm getting the feeling your a bit of an advocate for Bianchi?![;)]

    I have tried a Bianchi, the via nirone, but found the ride position uncomfortable on my back. I have since been told that the frames tend to be more compact (due to their Italian origin) compared to other makes such as Giant and Specialized hence the discomfort so I have moved away from these bikes.
  • TTX PROTTX PRO Posts: 225
    Most italian bikes.I ride a wilier time trial bike and thats italian.Trek,Klien scott,felt and cannondale are all makes you should try then other than them two.keep trying them out till you get the best one but don't just jump to them three.The best road bike out of them and I recommend it for people ith bad backs is the Trek Pilot,with its crossbar sloping down to the seat tube,not the headtube make the handlebars mor higher thus giving you a more relaxed position but a bike that can still fly
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