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Tri times

I wonder if anyone can give me any information regarding good and bad race times as I am trying to establish what I should be aiming for. I am obviously aware that there will be many factors affecting this such as distance and that thing that affects us all......age[&o] But I would like to get an idea for split and overall times, more so for the olympic distance events, but also for the shorter sprint distances, to try and gage training and progress etc.

I would also be interested and quite happy for people to post how far they have come and how their times have improved since they took up triathlon, who knows it maybe quite inspirational for us all [;)] Tales of progress would be particularly interesting for us newbies!!

Anyway, any info would be greatly appreciated [:D]


  • Best bet is to check out the results from other races. The London triathlon results for last year are on:


    As a really random list of averages (notwithstanding all those variables like distance, hills, weather, age, kit etc), I reckon that sub 2hrs 30mins is an A grade for a 30 yr old male, 2hrs 45 a B grade and 3hrs a C grade. Bear in mind though, that the average triathlete is fitter, slimmer and faster than the average marathon runner and all the above times are seriously good achievements (not meaning to take anything away from marathon runners, for whom I have massive respect, but triathlon still tends to be done by fit athletes who have got bored of other sports, rather than the mass charity or 'life experience' appeal of many marathon runners).

    I knocked 12 mins off my first sprint triathlon time. I've only done one olympic so far (a B/C grade!) but am full of confidence that I will hit 2hrs 30mins this year - in reality, I suspect that that target will slip bit by bit as the race gets closer and my training plans crash down in flames, but I certainly do hope to be sub-2hrs 40mins this year and then go for the 2hr30 next year.
  • hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    hi traubea, although Ive been moaning how boring the "what training have you done today" thread is getting it might be of interest to you re- how well people are doing.
  • traubeatraubea Posts: 7
    Thanks for the info Tiring Tri ing and thanks for the link.

    I am assuming you are around 30 then as you have used it as an example, similar to myself, what are your split times like then if you don't mind me asking?!

    Hound dog - thanks for your input, I have been looking at that thread but as you say it is very long, albeit very interesting, but I was hoping that people wouldn't be so shy and would maybe post their times here!!

  • zoezoe Posts: 28
    Hi Traubea,

    i wouldn't usually post replies (but of a lurker), but wanted to reply on the issue of times, as London is not a hugely representative field as its largely novices competing Comparing the times to Shropshire, which is a measured course, the top 15 or so went under 2 hours, and the top 60-ish under 2:05!

    For men I would probally say a 'top' result would be more in the region of 2:10 and under, and the male 30's catagory is usually pretty quick. Most would probally come in under the 2:30 mark on a measured course, although Shropshire is a pretty competative field as its the first worlds qualifier and an excellent course.

    My times would be no use as a comparison at all since i'm female, but the times for the girls would usually see the top women go around sub-2:15, and a 'good result' would probally be considered at somewhere between 2:20 - 2:30 depending again on the course, although i appreciate that this sounds really bad to those coming in after these times. I suppose the difference is whether you want to be competative- and race, or just get round the course and enjoy.

    How old are you? what level of fitness are you coming from? Would probally be able to give a better idea of times that way!.

  • My target split times for Olympic are:

    Swim: 29 mins

    T1: 4mins

    Bike: 1hr12 (36mins on each split)

    T2: 1min 45

    Run: 43mins (21m30s each split)

    In reality, my best swim so far has been 30 mins, best bike split 36 mins and best run 22mins 30 so I have a bit of a way to go.

    Good luck


  • traubeatraubea Posts: 7
    Hi Zoe, thanks for the reply and sorry for the delayed response!

    I am 29 (30 later in the year [&o]) and coming from a running background. As for my fitness, I would say I am above average but I am certainly not tri fit (YET)! My swimming is probably my weakest discipline but can cover about 2.5K in an hour during training.

    I will look to compete eventually, but initially will be looking to just improve upon my times. I posted the thread to gain information on race times as a means of gaging how I am improving over the course of my training and establish when I would have a hope of competing successfully really!!

    Thanks again!
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