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Ladies or guys- what to wear on the day?!!!!!

Hi All

i am competing in my first Tri in April, sprint distance, and wondered what the ladies wear for 'support' [:)]

I plan to buy a trisuit for the full event, but had not solved the issue for support underneath the Tri suit - any ideas or advice on this subject????




  • pacrfishpacrfish Posts: 266
    If you get a trisuit with sufficient built-in support you probably won't need anything else, but remember that (a) the suit will give less support when it's wet and (b) a white/light coloured top may become see through when wet.

    If your trisuit doesn't have sufficient support or you are of more generous proportions, then just wear a sports bra underneath - preferably not cotton or it won't dry fast enough.

    I have a one-piece trisuit I wear a bra with, and a two-piece that I can wear on its own.

    But do try leaping out of the shower in your trisuit, then running half a mile or so while you are still wet. You'll feel daft, but it will replicate what will happen when you get out of the pool and run to transition.

    Good luck - and enjoy!

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