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I just got over excited when thinking about the mug I got from racenewforest when I did their middle distance triathlon last year...

So many race we pay good money for and what do we get?... a crummy medal, a ridiculous T-shirt that you wouldn't be seen dead in?

For me Human Race is the worst offender - their T-shirts are terible and completly useless and go staright in the bin / get used as a rag. I would rather pay a £1 less.

Race new forest - my shiney mug gives me so much pleasure

BIG COW - a wearable T-shirt which is dry fit material too so you can workout in it too - WOW! what a great idea - AND a pair of decent running shorts!!

These two race organisers are clearly the best! - Does anyone know of any other decent memorabilia providers?

p.s. Human Race races are excelent and well put on etc. organisation is spot on - But if your going to give something away - make it good/usefull!!
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