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How do you choose a helmet?

I'm brand new at this sport, and don't have bottomless pockets, so I'm looking to spend $60 or less for a bike helmet. I see some have visors and others do not. What are the pros and cons? I will purchase a helmet that's sized but what other options are well worth my hard-earned dollars?


  • tomroomtomroom Posts: 33
    Hey, the helmets I go for are Giro helmets, after several big crashes in them it is always the helmet that is messed up and not my head. So I think the primary consideration has to be a brand with a good safety record. Other considerations are based around the distance you are racing over. If you are long distance then people tend to go for aero helmets with a tappered point at the back, however these are far more money and the aero advantage is generally not thought of as significant enough over shorter distances to bother with anyway.

    You don't tend to be see many visors in triathlon, perhaps a few more over long distance. They tend to be more of an expensive add on for top time trailers and track cyclists. It's far cheaper and just as effective to wear some sun glasses, and then you've already got them on for the run too! An important consideration that is often over looked is ventilation, I always think it's best to have more than less. I wouldn't regard weight as an issue as the difference between standard and lightweight is a few 100grams at most, not even half a drinks bottle!

  • hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    Another way to choose is to find a reputible bike shop ,word of mouth is the best way to find that ie ask members of a local cycle/tri club. Tell them your plans and budget. Im sure they will have a few options for you to try along with some very worthwhile advice.

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