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Leg splits, PBs and training

Hi everyone

Have been about the board quite a bit but haven't posted much before. Did my first Triathlon (London sprint in 1hr 22) last year, and planning on doing an Oly or two this year.

I'm usually pretty up to speed on most things having done Sports Science at L'boro (feel free to ask me anything) but thought I'd ask opinions on a couple of things...

Based on my splits at London (13:40, 39:40, 23:55 for 750 metres, 20k, 5k), does there appear to be a weakness? I would say I'm strongest at running, followed closely by swinmming, but weak on the bike. My 5k PB is close to 19 minutes and yet I lost almost 5 minutes due to having to run off the bike / having been going for an hour by that point. I think this is more of a drop than someone should reasonably expect - does this mean I should concentrate on making the bike pace the same but with less effort (working on enurance with long rides) rather than trying to make the bike faster (working on speed and power)...

this would mean I could run closer to my fresh PB on the run. However, gaining 5 secs per km on a 40k bike is obviously as much as gaining 20 sec per km on a 10k run (and based on how difficult I know the latter is, surely the former must be easier?). I want to do a sub- 2:30 Oly this year and think a 30 min swim is more than achievable, with 5 mins for t1 and t2 combined, that gives me 1:55 to play with. My 10k best is 40 mins and think I can bring this down to 39 or less, so is a 45 mins run split a reasonable ambition? Should I put more than the recommended 50% of training time into cycling as I seem so much happier with the other 2 events? Was the 20k cycle at London actually more like 21 / 22k cos I was surprised it took me as long as it did based on training?, and is a 1:10 bike split for 40k difficult for someone who's only been riding a year, doing 1h30 mins riding a time at the most so far (I know, the weekly 2hr+ ride is something I really need to start doing!)?

Any thoughts much appreciated,




  • n1ck bn1ck b Posts: 27
    I think your right that the London sprint is 22 km and not 20 as they tell you

  • MikeyBMikeyB Posts: 135
    Have you done any brick sessions to practice running off the bike? The transition from bike to run does take some getting used to. It is possible that may have affected your run time.


  • TTX PROTTX PRO Posts: 225
    Try time-trial on your bike.try averaging 15mph+ like me.I recoemend try getting and average 12mph becouse if you try mine you wont have any energy left to the run and 15 is extremely hard to get up to.Try a 20 min time-trial then strait after do a 5mile run that will get your transition perfected however it does envole training and just focus on cycling some days without doing the other and try getting the 12mph avg.Try it and see
  • dzreddzred Posts: 1
    i found brick sessions tobe the answer . did a few on turbo with power out then ran on treadmill min of 2 sets . i was doing 20min bike 6min run (300w then 5/10secfaster than race pace on treadmill 5:50 pace . the thing with treadmill is u hit the pace straight away and have no choice but maintain (well u do but u fall off the back) its gets your legs to kick in and maintain cadence this also gives u better pace control
  • Hi Jonny

    I agree with all the brick comments - I can run 15km in an hour but struggle to run 10km in 48mins after a swim/bike. Anything under 45mins is v.gd going for an Olympic.

    I'm not sure about the distance of the London sprint course, but if it is 20km rather than 22 then I'd say that the bike was where you could really gain some time. It's a pretty fast course and you should be looking for about 36-38min splits if you want to break 2:30. Your swim time looks pretty good.

    Try checking the results for last year on the London Triathlon website - that should give you a pretty good feel for the different times you should be aiming for on a 2:30 total.

    This is an example from last years results (swim, T1, bike1, bike2, bike total, T2, run1, run2, run total, overall time):



    00:37:00 00:38:16 01:15:15 00:01:15 00:21:51

    00:22:15 00:44:06


    Good luck


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