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Individual training V club training ? Club in SE1?

What do people think is best for a novice triathlete trying to get the best results they can?

Training with a club / companion or training on your own?

Does anybody know of a club in or around the SE1 area?


  • steveslaysteveslay Posts: 54
    definately with a club, the coaches there give you lots of tips especially re technique and plus it helps with motivation if you know that there are lots of people going i feel less likely to skip sessions
  • I would agree that a club is better than training by yourself. My swimming has improved dramatically. I i were to swim myself there is no ways i would be doing 2000m a session. My stroke has undergone a dramatic change from the coach. Most clubs probably orgainse to use swimming pools for the traing session so you dont have to put up with Sunday swimmer. To find clubs in your area try the british triathlon association. or just google it.
  • semerysemery Posts: 27
    thanks trimonster - sounds like its worked for you. I have done a google and the sepentine running club seems very credible. Good for competition as well.
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