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getting wetsuit off over hrm watch...

Hi there,

Does anybody have any tips of how to get a wetsuit off over a watch through T1. The obvious is to cut wrists off suit, but before i do that id like to hear if there are any tricks?!

kind regards



  • JulieMacJulieMac Posts: 30
    If your wearing a watch why don't you just have it on under your wet suit?! If your timing your self start it 1 min, 30 sec etc befor the race starts. Most race times will be accurate anyway. Unless they have a major problem and if you can't hang arround till the end then I'm sure the organizers of most races endvour to get results on to their web page ASAP. Otherwise I can't think why you'd need a watch unless it bleeps at you so you can keep to a certain pace because if your looking at it your just wasting time.
  • rpopper65rpopper65 Posts: 171
    I keep my watch on while I'm putting on my wet suit, coat it with baby oil (wet suit lubricant I prefer around the wrists, ankles, neck) and then pull the sleeves down so they are just over the watch. I can't see the watch during the swim, but I can touch the Start button at the sound of the horn/gun/whatever. Then, when it comes times to take off the wet suit in T1, it should come smoothly off, with some practice and my watch is still there, showing me my times for the rest of the race. Of course, you will want a baby-oil-proof watch.
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