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ironman training books?

anybody have any recommendations for a good all round half (or full) iron man training book? something thats not to technical, talks about nutrition, recovery and mental mind set?


  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    I dont know about a complete book about this, maybe you should check with Ebay?

    I recently bought the dvd 'science of triathlon'; 9 hours of tri-info, if you combine this with some training plans you can find on the net(if you're not in a club), then you're already going to get a long way.
  • RobRob Posts: 209
    Have a look at 'Going Long' by Joe Friel & Gordo Byrn. ISBN is 1-931382-24-7.

    If you want something with a training plan try 'Start to Finish Ironman Training' by Paul Huddle & Roch Frey. ISBN is 1-84126-102-5

    Which half /full are you doing?
  • try ironman bible. it has all the things u need to no. is price between 17us-24us. depending on where u get it frm. it has informatoion on nutriution. riding and your bike and so on.
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