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How much do you swim in an hour?

How much do you usually swim in an hour? For example, if you did an hour swim workout, how many meters (or yards) would you swim?


  • hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    Your going to find a lot of very different answers to that one Scott. Dedpends on your ability, technique,whether your doing drills or straight swim, age etc. Im approx 1000mtrs per 20mins on f/c but if I were to incorporate drills or some b/c, fly or breast it would be a bit longer.
  • I'd echo hound dog's answer exactly. If I was swimming continuously then I'd expect to manage 3km. If it was a typical workout then I'd probably swim about 1800-2000m - roughly 800m in one block and then the rest broken down into drills, warm up and warm down with short breaks in between.
  • If I was doing a straight hour I would stick to Pulling and normaly bang out 4k in around 1hr10-15. But as the other chaps mentioned, we are all different shapes and sizes so lots of different answers, interesting as well.
  • handyrobhandyrob Posts: 31
    When I swim on my own I would usually do about 50 lengths of a 25m pool (1250) but I recently started swimming at a local tri club session and Id easily hit 80+ lengths of a 30m pool without realising. Moral of the story - swim with a club!
  • stusystusy Posts: 6
    Because I'm training for Sprints at the moment, I don't swim for an hour. I normally run to the pool, swim 40 - 60 lengths of a 20m pool and run home again. So cover 800m to 1200m and just over 5km running. The swim bit takes about 18 to 26 minutes, so if I could actually swim for an hour, I'd guess at about 2.5km. The run varies on whether I'm doing fartleks, race pace or being lazy and just jogging.
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