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Swimming in Lake Geneva

BoycieBoycie Posts: 189
I'm off on holiday tomorrow for a week in Switzerland, only two weeks before the Dambuster. If i can squeeze my bike in the car then i can get some great training in while i'm there. However, does anyone know if you can just go swimming in Lake Geneva, and if so where? I've only managed one open water session this year and would like some more. I'm likely to be staying around Lausanne.



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    Firstly just say I'm very jealous, Switz is a really great place. My wife used to work there so have spent some time cycling and swimming there. The lake itself is very geared towards swimming, there is always someone having a leisurely dip and as such you can often find pool style steps down into the water at regular intervals. At Lausanne there is a huge open pool on the front with access to the lake aswell. And at Vevey (10ish miles along coast) there is a great open 50m pool (often empty during day) with again access to lake, where groups of triathletes often swim off from. Lausanne is also great for cycling top to bottom as its built on a steep hill?!

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