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Aero bottle cages

I have recently bought a Profile aero bottle to fit on my detachable aero bars. Is it normal that the water splashes all over the place? I have the straw in the front hole, the plug in the rear hole and the funny plastic rolled up sausage net thingy (sorry for techno speak) in the fill hole. As we all know roads are never as smooth as we'd like and I find the water splashes so much I have lost most of the water before I get to drink it. In fact on my Sprint race last Sun the rolled up sausage thingy bounced all together- I had to go back after the race to collect it. Am I doing something wrong here???[8|]


  • jon_gjon_g Posts: 318
    I had the same problem! i solved it by rolling the yellow sausage net thingy double over on itself so it was a tighter mesh. it stopped the splashes and it doesnt fall out anymore!
  • i stuck a plastic lid over the hole and cut a smaller one into it just big enough to get a bottle nozzle in to refill
  • Yes, that seems to happen with most aerobar water bottles, especially on a bumby course. I don't fill my all the way. I have the jetstream water bottle and it has a nice sponge holder it does not bounce out.

    One suggestion/modification for you water bottle it to drill two little holes, one on each side of the top rim, where the yellow sponge like thing sits. then you need to go to the hardware store and get some zip ties, like these: http://www.removal-supply.co.uk/pictures/zip_ties_large.jpg then what you do it thread a zip tie through the hole and through the yellow sponge thingy and out the other end. then use another one to secure it in place. the sponge won't bounce out. after the race, just use a scisors to cut the zip tie so you can wash the yellow sponge.



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  • PSCPSC Posts: 1
    Like that suggestion..... I've been wondering about the spongy thing and whether it would stay in during a bumpy ride! Another job for the weekend!
  • pigletpiglet Posts: 86
    Thanks for advice- my donut thing is as "fat "as it can get so will try the cable ties. Bit of a pain - maybe I'll look for a different sponge. Glad it's not just me- thought I'd done something wrong
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    The Aerbottle is a great idea, but not a perfect design. I used a gaffa tape flap for mine which then evolved into a piece of plastic and velcro dots flap. It turns out that most people have adapted theirs. It shows the importance of roadtesting your kit
  • I use a spare water bottle cap secured by the 2 thick black elastic bands that came with the aero bottle. I loop them over the noozle of the cap and over the edges of the bottle.

    i find this works well on non race rides where you can stop for a min to remove to refill.

    However for races I use a circle of polystyrene as a bung which is secured with insulation tape which is easily opened like a flap for filling on the fly and resealed to prevent sticky knees arms, bike etc
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