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UK Ironman 70.3 Conquered

1st ironman completed, UK Ironman 70.3. Awesome. 7hrs 10 in all, 38 mins in the water, killed by the cycle hills and struggled with the undulating run but over the moon with pride. So well organized and what a weekend. Am in tri heaven right now. Thanks to anyone and everyone who got me there including my understanding fiancee, family and 220 which I read avidly.


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    hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    Well done triad. Well worth shouting about.
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    rollorollo Posts: 25
    Well done triad, I was 20 seconds behind you !!!!
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    ardkeenardkeen Posts: 152
    Well done amazing times
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    joBidjoBid Posts: 16
    I was 7hrs 11! but as I started at 6.30 (female start) I probably didn't "finish with you!"

    I conquered those two Bas**** hills from last year!!!! managed to knock 1/2 hour off my bike time compared to 2006...but did feel poopydoo on the run! overall 15 mins better than last year!!!! (got offered Florida in roll down...only because the 11 girls in front of me didn't want it!!! (didn't take it)Yeehaaa I cracked them hills -Going all the way in Austria next year!

    Jamie.....with me every step x

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    First 70.3 for me too. Had a fantastic time and thought the event was very very well run. Big thanks to the volunteers on the refreshment stations.

    Did it in 6hours 37 seconds. Bit gutted not to break 6 hours, but then again didn't expect to get any where near that time. So elated as well.

    Course did suit my training regime as live in Sheffield, and it's very difficult not to train on hills here. Shame about the only flat bit though, nearly 40mins for the swim. Work to be done there i feel.

    Well done everyone who took part and those who gave such vocal support. Back next year? Be rude not to.....hopefully as a warm up to a full IronMan in Zurich.

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