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searching for coaching support

Hi All, I'm gearing up for Ironman Switzerland 2009. I'm by no means a pro or even an expert amateur but have loved the sport for 5 years now and completed a half in 2007. I need to tackle such issues as technique, base training and strength training as soon as possible and then ultimately a training plan for the new year that will take me to the finish line. I can't join a club because work timing doesn't permit so can any of you refer a great coach / on-line coach / coaching outfit (London area) that might be able to help get me cracking? Thanks.


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    BoycieBoycie Posts: 189
    I would like to say me, but I'm probably not there yet. Have a look at www.gearsandtears.com.

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    Hi Triad

    I've signed up for IM Canada next year and am using one of the plans in the book [color=#003399]Be Iron Fit: Time-efficient Training Secrets for Ultimate Fitness [/color]by Don Fink. He also offers online and/or telephone support as well for a fee.

    Good Luck


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    triadtriad Posts: 62
    Thanks Boycie and EssexBloke - much appreciated.
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    Sorry, I don't want to hijack your post, but you are asking pretty much what I want to know and don't see the point in double posting.

    I too would like to look into personal training, but where I maybe differ from Triad is, I've been training for a year now with my local club, TTG, and they are great, thus I want a training plan to fit my sessions in with the club. Training by yourself is fine sometimes, but it's a lot more fun in a group.

    I also would like someone to take a look at my fitness level, and assess what it is I need to be doing from a back to basic's point of view. However, I am a mere mortal and thus can not afford to spend a fortune on training, however, I don't expect anything for free.

    So if anyone has any suggestions for trainers in the Cheltenham / Gloucester area, I would love some recommendations.
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    Can the British Triathlon Fed. give you details of coaches in your area? Check out their web site- I'm not too sure but it's worth a try [color=#008000]www.britishtriathlon.org[/color]

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    triadtriad Posts: 62
    Thanks all again. BTF coach list looks pretty comprehensive.
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