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First Ironman

Hi All, I'd like to book myself into an Ironman for next summer. With 6 years tri experience and a half ironman under my belt, where in the UK or Europe would anyone out there recommend that I do my first full Ironman. I guess I'm looking for a rockingly beautiful venue. People tell me Austria is pretty cool. Any ideas? Thanks all.


  • Hi there,

    Firstly let me point out that I am not speaking from experience here!

    I am in for UK IM this year - its my first and I'm wondering whats next already!! So I have been looking around too.

    You have a few options alright - the one I keep hearing most about is IM Switzerland. Entry opens today! and I understand will be booked up v.soon.

    I find that you can get a good feel for the event on some of the video's on youtube. As in support, terrain, the start, professionalism etc.

    Would also be interested on the other people's thoughts on the pro's and con's of the European IMs.

    Best of luck,


  • BARNYBARNY Posts: 157
    did IM swis yesterday.. was great.. nice bike,, lots of spectators and evrything all the way around..
  • HarriHarri Posts: 40
    I've not done it but heard loads of good stuff about IM Switerland. My friend has done lots of IM's and it's his favourite.

    Let me know what you choose to do, am aiming to do an IM in 2010 and want to check out some good courses.

    Good luck!
  • Hi Triad,

    I did Lanzarote this year as my first and have to say that it was outstanding, both in terms of the bike route and the support.

    Ok so it's reputedly the hardest, but if you put the training in it's well achieveable.

    I made a decision that as I might only ever do one, so thought that i'd go abroad in the sun and do one rather than IMUK. However signed up for IM Coeur d'Alene, Idaho next June....IM is addictive!!
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