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fears of open water swimming!

Hi everyone, im all signed up for wimbleball lake in june. looking forward to it and trainings going real well.

But i have 1 really big problem, really scared of open water swimming, even though im a reasonably strong swimmer.

Has anyone had the same problem and found ways of getting round it?

Heard romours that hypnotherapy can cure it pretty much over night??????

Thanks everyone and good luck for the season.


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    PC67PC67 Posts: 101
    I'm the exact opposite. I'm a crap swimmer but love open water swimming. I can't pass a pond, river or lake anywhere without imagining what it'd be like to swim in!

    I love the uninterrupted rhythm you get in open water, I love not having to stop & turn every time I feel I've got a half-decent stroke going, I love the lack of chlorine, I love the unsinkable feeling you get when your wetsuit fills up and it feels like you've been inflated...

    Now imagine how much I'd enjoy it if I could actually swim in any way decently!

    Fear not. Open water beats a pool hands down in my opinion. It's like comparing being out on the open road on your bike, with scenery and fresh air and a sense of motion, to an static indoor bike in a gym.
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    Hi nowUseeme

    I am in a similar position. I've been terrified of open water since I can remember, yet I am also a reasonably strong swimmer. I'm going to an open water session in Roydon Mill in May to see how I get on. I know it's irrational and therefore I'm hoping by telling myself that it will make it alright. I'm doing London in August so have longer than you to overcome my fear. I don't know what to suggest really - just wanted to say hi, you're not on your own!

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    WellaWella Posts: 188
    I'm the same.

    A reasonably stong swimmer but my technique could be improved. Had no problem with sea and lakes etc when younger but now I have a nervousness regarding taking the plunge.

    I guess its a case of jumping in at the deep end and giving it a go. The amount of first time triathletes that overcome swimming issues is fairly high judging by the posts on here and they have all overcome.

    I too have signed up for the openwater lessons at Roydon.

    Catwoman, did you block book the tecnique sessions? When is you first session? Mine is on the 28th April. Its going to be absolutely freezing.
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    pdundepdunde Posts: 99
    there is only one cure for open water anxiety - practise! Take my word for it i speak from experience! I found somewhere that does weekly open water swims from may onwards last year and that helped tremendously. Failing that swim with friends in sea / lakes safely of course! i.e. stick to the shore line.
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    RobRob Posts: 209
    NowU, I was exactly the same. At some point you just have to swallow hard & get in the water. But do it before Wimbleball please! I'd hate anybody's race to be over in the water because of a panic attack. I was OK at Wimbleball for the first 100m or so, & then lost it a bit for another hundred before regaining composure. Just take your time, do a bit of breast stroke or backstroke, get your face out of the water, get your breath back & give it another go. I haven't been in open water since Wimbleball lat year so I'll probably be facing similar issues when I get back into open water. I'm doing Weymouth Middle Distance this year which will be my first sea swim. I'm not looking forward to it, but it's just got to be done. Practice, practice, practice.


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    JulieMacJulieMac Posts: 30
    Ooo open water [:D] I have to say it used to scare the b-jesus out of me. The utter terror of being draged out to sea and eaten by crabs was one of the worst! Seeing things weed, jelly fish, the list is endless! The freezing cold water is another breath stopper!

    The changing point was getting out every week and learning its quite fun. Try and find a group get out and play don't just swim! If you can chill out muck around and have fun then you'll very quickly build your confidence. Think about positives if you swimming in a lake your not going to get draged away by the tide or have to contend with swarms of jelly fish both very good things in my book.

    If you do get a group together try to do structured sessions including things like race starts and buoy turns. If you're really panicking a steady 1500m is a brill session as you have to just keep going and by about 400m in you'll have calmed down warmed up and be nicely into your rhythm.

    The more open water you do the better for your confidence but keep up the pool sessions for your swim fitness speed and strength. Good luck.

    Oo oo I forgot sighting so very important that you don't just follow the guy in front for all you know he's rubish at it! Get into the habbit right away when you train find an un-moving point on the horizon and keep an eye on it if you bilateral breath all the better as you get an even perspective. Cheers.
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    Hi Wella

    I haven't block booked for Royden - I've only booked one session on May 12th - I'll look out for you. I still need to get myself a wetsuit but I might hire one for the season.

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    JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    Has any body got a link for Roydon, or is it the one advertised on the London Tri website?

    Not only do I want to give it a go, but I NEED to give it a go.

    I did one last year at Bedford, but that was a small swim.

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    mini__Cmini__C Posts: 44
    To be honest, my fear of open water swimming is the taste of the water...EXTREMELY SALTY..and also the fact you can't see where your going!!
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    WellaWella Posts: 188

    Link below for Roydon. Hopefully see you there.

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    WellaWella Posts: 188
    Attended my first open water session at Roydon on Saturday and i'm impressed.

    Well attended (around 30 or so) and split into groups based on fitness and ability. Started off with advice as to how to put on a wetsuit. MAy sound simple but mine only felt comfortable after being instructed how to make it so.

    I went in the beginners group and was amazed that my nervousness dissappeared simply by the manner in which we entered the water. A few technique laps later we then carried out a slighlty longer swim out into the depths of the lake.

    Finished with a simulated race where we had a group start, spint pace swim and then ran straight out of the lake onto the bank to change out of the wetsuit and practice transition. Fell over with dizziness to my own amusement.

    There is something very appealing about ope water swimming in deep blue water with the sun shining. May sound naff but it beats chlorinated water and metal roofs any day. Also, considering an air temperature of 8degrees the water didn't feel too cold. I can't make next weeks session and i'm gutted.

    Definately recommend signing up.
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