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I am looking for a 700c wheel upgrade for my quintana roo tri bike and am looking for advice. I can realistically afford up to a grand but would rather spend less and would welcome any feedback from users of zipp, hed, mavic or planet x aero wheels, since all of them claim to be 'the best' etc.... all ideas welcome!



  • pdundepdunde Posts: 99
    im upgrading my wheel set for my Scott Plasma Pro, personally im erring towards a Planet-x carbonpro 101 for the rear and an 82 for the front, shod with Conti Competition tyres. Zipp is all very good and well but i dont think mere mortals like us would notice the "dimpling" aero benefit....however would probably notice the extra 20mm on the rim!!!!
  • Thanks Phil - I've spoken to the Planet X guys today (very helpful) and am now considering either their own deep section with a 101 at the back and 50 up front, but I'm also sorely tempted by the xentis mark 1 wheels they have for a grand. They look awesome and come with a 5 year guarantee - has anyone out there seen or tried these new wheels at all?

  • Iain MIain M Posts: 9
    Are you replacing your wheels because 1) their old and knackered or 2) because you want nice shiny carbon ones that make you go faster? If the answer is option 2, are you selling your (presumably still in quite good nick) old wheels? How much?

    I have a '06 giant OCR 2 which could do with better wheels and I am skint[:(].
  • Iain - it is option 2 however I need to hang on to the old wheels for training, plus my aim is to part exchange the whole bike (with original wheels) next year but keep the new carbon wheels. If you're looking for a decent set of value wheels a mate of mine just spent £100 on a set of Mavic Aksiums and reckons they're a great upgrade on the unbranded jobs his bike came with - might be worth a try?
  • TTX PROTTX PRO Posts: 225
    Rovel fusee star is what i recomend only 600 pound a pair and 5g heaver than bontrager aeralos 6.5 carbon wheels and there alloy with a special hub design to reduce drag have a look at spesialized website click on roval wheels.Ive got a pair and i can give them a good hammering and thats something you cant do with carbon and you save 400 lovely smackers.Worth considering
  • G DawgG Dawg Posts: 4
    Further to Nick McAuliffe's post, can anyone recommend a new wheel set for around 200 quid. Have a Specialised Allez Sport 06, and am looking to upgrade the wheels. Have done some research and there appear to be some improvements that can be made for this amount, any suggestions?


  • To TTX.Pro - Re the Fusee Star wheels you've bought.... I do like the idea of a tougher wheel however the design is so unusual and I'm interested in whether you think they are as fast as Specialized claim. I also hear that the guarantee and service is excelent so another reason to consider them. So - are they really faster and how do they look in the flesh??


  • pdundepdunde Posts: 99
    Just placed an order for a planet-x pro carbon 101 rear and 82 front, shod with conti competition vectrans....about a week leadtime apparently.....i will let you know what they are like, posting on this message string when ive got them and been out on them.

    Just in time for the start of the race season! Sweeeet ;-)
  • DOtriHarderDOtriHarder Posts: 307

    You are gonna be happy - i have the 82/101 set up and they are very nice, they sing to me when i start to go fast enough. Unfortunately the 82 is a bit twitchy in the wind, last night the wind was north easterly and gusty on a 10m course which benefits from a south westerly and it was scary at 45kph on a DC. The aero benefits of a TT bike have the effect of pretty much negating the self centring steering effect you normally find on a bike, combine that with a position where your weight is over the front wheel and steering becomes an artform (remember Spirograph!!). Don't fret too much or let me put you off, 'cos the last two TTs i've done were less windy and much more fun.

  • Hello, i think im a little further down the price bracket than most of you, but was wondering if you could advise/help me....I have some really basic wheels right now (Shimano 500's) and was looking to upgrade them to some Mavics. I was thinking either the Aksium or the Ksyrium Equipe....?

    What do people think are the better of the two, and if i do change from my current wheels, will it really make that much difference?



  • pdundepdunde Posts: 99
    cheers David, im really looking forward to getting them - should be wednesday im hoping! Just out of interest how did you get your tubs on - did you glue them or go with the tape? Ive opted for tape at the moment, but im thinking of glueing the sidewalls as well as a precaution....?

    Johnny, ive been running Shimano 105 wheels (100 quid from ribble cycles) on my training bike for a year now, and frankly they are tops for the money. Bladed spokes, pretty light - and pretty rims! I Also raced on them a couple of times and have no bad things to say about them!..... Going up a notch, ive also got a set of Mavic Ksyrium Elites that came with my Scott Plasma and highly regard them (the Elites may be out of your price range though)......not too sure about the other Mavics you mentioned but im sure based on the Elites performance they will be more than fine!
  • pdundepdunde Posts: 99
    just found out that im having to wait another 2 weeks for my Planet-x wheels as the 82 rims are out of stock. Damn. Guess that means i will be without them for my first race of the season. Still cant be helped i guess.

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