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[color=#cc3399]Hi All,[/color]


[color=#cc3399]I HATE running [:@]. I have a terrible style, flat feet, swollen knees and a bad back, not to mention asthma[:(]. [/color]


[color=#cc3399]I have just bought "The Triathletes Training Bible" and haven't really gotten too stuck into it yet (been alternating it with total immersion) but i came across a section on how to run more efficiently, it was just a short chapter, but it got me thinking...[/color]


[color=#cc3399]I mentioned this to my physio who suggested that i buy Chi Running to try to develop a better running style. Does anyone know this book - or can anyone recommend a good book on improving my running style?[/color]


[color=#cc3399]Or should i stick with the book i have?[/color]


[color=#cc3399]Thanks in advance[/color]



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    jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi Barbs,I am a fifteen stone + runner with more problems than I can shake a stick at,Back,achilles,knee etc.If you go to amazon look what other books the chi running brings up,or for an alternative try www.runningpain.com . This provides an alternative view,but for my own advice treat the cause of the problem not the symptoms .Best of luck.
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    BoycieBoycie Posts: 189
    Hi Barbara, I haven't read any of the books mentioned so far but some alternatives are; Triathletes Edge by Marc Jenkins, not sure it is the best book in the world but it has some easy to follow run drills, The Lore of Running by Tim Noakes is good but a bit hard core.

    Not sure you will be able to sort it all out from a book though, you may need some extra advice on conditioning, i.e. weight training etc and gait analysis, it's suprising how much these help. Hope that's of some use.

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    MikeyBMikeyB Posts: 135
    I have the Chi Running book and have found it very helpful. It does get a bit New Age and Eastern Mystical for my tastes at some points but I think the basic points on running technique, posture, etc are very helpful. It is certainly a book I would recommend though I don't follow it religiously and have yet to be convinced I have any Chi running through my body.


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    mark26mark26 Posts: 10
    I'm a 16 stone racing whale and found the Runners World " Guide to Running " very useful £9.99 from WH Smith
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    Hi Barbs,

    I had real problems with runtraining, at nearly 16 stone, any running was slow, painful and totally demoralising.

    I came across the Chi running system and gave it a go, after that no problems at all. As you basically need to learn how to run from scratch, you leave all the bad habits behind, and concentrate on form. I went from agony to being able to run my 5k training route pain free. I have recommended it to many friends and even have my chiropacter looking into it. The DVD that accompanies the book is useful too as you can actually see what they mean.

    Good luck and stick at it.

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    mini__Cmini__C Posts: 44
    Being Chinese my-self I was kinda skeptical about the title....but after reading it, it does make sense, the book is generally made for absolute beginners, and there are a couple of good pointers on your running posture. But I would recomend another but similar style, its called the POSE Method...all the main points of the running style is shared between the two, like pick up your feet instead of lifting your whole leg, and tilt forwards abit so the gravity does some of the work...the POSE Method is more known to runners because top Triathletes like Tim Don adapts the running style, and discovered it does indeed save some energy.

    Because the POSE Method is more mainstream, I would suggest you go after that, because there are clinics available in the uk (NOT CHEAP AT ALL). Pose Method comes in both books and DVD versions, I would recomend you get both or the DVD first, cause you can't really learn how to run by looking at a book, you got to see how its done.

    Link to Pose Method: http://www.posetech.com/services/olegtimoshin.html

    But either ways Chi Running and Pose Method are both good sources on running styles, another book worth mentioning is LORE Of Running, its more of a book that tells you alot about the muscles that you use while running, how to choose the right shoes, how to make your own training schedule etc......

    Just remember, if you have poor running form it is vital that you get that sorted before attempting to do a 10mile run with poor form, not only will you injure yourself, you will also hate running even more. Just like the way Total immersions teaches you to get the form right before doing long swims.

    I used to hate running my self, but getting my form right and SLOWLY and I mean SLOWLY building up my mileage, I began to enjoy watching myself improve.

    Hope that helps


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