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Turbo Trainers

[color=#cc3366]Can anyone recommend a good turbo trainer (not too expensive)? I think that one on a previous post with the video clip on Youtube is cool but unfortunately not a good idea for my rehab!!![/color]





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    JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    I've got an elite, which cost about £110. Beware though second hand ones might be worn, so sometimes going cheap does not help.

    Ebay tend to have last years models that have not been sold at a good price.
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    PeteAPeteA Posts: 2

    Expensive, but worth the investment
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    pigletpiglet Posts: 86
    Hi Barbs

    I had knee surgery like you and got myself a Cycleops Fluid2 trainer from Evans .I agree with Jason's comments about second hand.Plus as the trainers are so heavy you are going to be paying at least £20 -£30 just for P&P if you buy on Ebay.

    I love the Cycleops - plus it came with a time trial DVD.

    How's the recovery going? Or are you still to have the op? Good luck!
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    Hi there,

    I just received my new CycleOps Magneto from Wiggle (£99.99). Seems great value and is what they call a progressive trainer (the harder you pedal, the harder the resistance!) It was a doddle to set-up and apart from my girlfriend laughing as I unpacked it and leapt on the bike, it has been a great success. Like the Fluid2, the Magneto also has a training DVD included...
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    Op is next Weds.

    Thanks for the advice guys - i was going to get a second hand one off ebay... maybe now i'll check out last season's ones off ebay and see if i can get any deals.

    I watched some friends competing in the London tri on Sunday, what a great event! Pity it was so hot without much warm weather before hand to acclimatise!!!

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    husslerhussler Posts: 237
    Hey im flogging my Cycle-ops fluid 2 turbo, i have had it since last Nov and is still in like new condition:) the reason im selling is cos iv just bought one with a power meter etc ie upgrading as i have a little bit of extra cash just dropped in!! If you are interested im after around £60 ish and ill include the front wheel riser too if need be :) Let me know if your interested give us a bell on 07841208035, im located in N.Yorks but travel down to either Lincolnshire or the Stoke-on- Trent area on a regular basis so anywhere within that triangle i could drop it off etc..


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    stustu Posts: 28
    I'm thinking of buying a turbo trainer, but listening to a jbst podcast about rollers got me thinking about them instead. I'm new to triathlon so would welcome any advice.
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