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Pre training breakfast...

Hi All, I know this has been discussed before but the search function didn't come up with anything and i just looked through all 6 pages of posts and couldn't see anything and I need some advice...

Previously, my training has been spaced throughout the day, and I got up and cylced to work on an empty stomach which was fine because it was maximum 30mins but usually only around a 20min ride and then i'd train at lunch time and after work. BUT it is winter over here in the southern hemisphere and I need to train for an endurance cycle race so need to do around 2 hours per day during the week. Too long for a lunch break and it is dark and traffic-ey at night so the real option is before work.

This morning was day one of the endurance training plan and hubby and i duefully got up at 6 and then on the bikes (ahem) a little after 6.30 (he's like my grandmother in the mornings - so slow!!) and then did just over an hour (was supposed to be an hour and a half but still sorting out routes etc).

Anyway, the point of this rambling is that i love my porridge but cannot fathom how i could eat it and then do the training as naturally i don't feel like eating at 6am as i'm not used to it. SO I had a muesli bar at home and then another at the top of the hill about half way into it. This did not fuel me sufficiently I don't think. Of course I ate my porridge when i got to work and loved it...

I guess my question is: What do other people do for breakfast before an early morning 1.5 - 2 hour training session? (without getting up at 5am to eat breakfast and faff about watching bad tv...) I was thinking about getting some of those breakfast drinks and having them and perhaps a carb-o drink for the ride? Makes hills very difficult and I feel weaker than i know i am...

Advice appreciated. [:)]


  • transittransit Posts: 163
    I'm quite lucky that I'm not too bad eating my weetabix pre-morning training. I do still occasionally skip brekky, start a sports drink for first half hour of training ride then eat food (bars etc) at this point. Tends to be ok. I'm quite good at eating, the fifth discipline!![:)]
  • I do LOVE to eat - in fact i'm trying to tone that down a bit at the moment too - i'm the fattest i've been for about 6 years!!! But it's just judging the time between breakfast and also of course not being able to get up and rip into a bowl of porridge... or weetbix or whatever. Think i'll give the brekkie drink a crack to give me some energy then perhaps muesli bars or a carbo drink or something for the bike and then of course a hot bowl of porridge when i get to work...

    Thanks transit [:)]
  • Hi Barbsarama. This might sound stupid seeing as though Im an okay weight and dont need to slim down but I actually but a variety of different meal replacement shakes, like slimfast or herbalife ( a mix of sports specific and non sports specific) for use only when i plan to train really early morning. most of them you mix with water or skimmed milk / fruit juice and so are quite light on the stomach for a session (good before a swim) but they tend to give me enough energy for a training session. For a two hour bike in the morn you would probably need to take something on your ride as well though like food bars.

    After my session (like you, when i get into work) i indulge in my full proper breakfast of cereal and yoghurt or whatever. Then I'm set. I dont know if anyone else does this or if it will help you. but i know the quandry! something to give enrgy but not wweigh you down! i wouldnt recommend you replace breakfast totally with these shake things, its really important to have proper brekky after!!!
  • I never eat pre morning training. I get up at 5am and do 2 hours training be that bike ride, run or bike/swim run/swim. I get back bout 7am and then have my brekkie. I know this is probably wrong but it is how I do it and my body seems to cope ok with it. I do how ever have a small meal before I go to bed in the evening..

    It may not be right but it works for me.

  • I agree with martyn837. If I am training very early in the morning then I will have a small bowl of pasta or three or four slices of toast quite late about an hour or hour and a half before I go to sleep. Not the best idea probably digestion wise but I wake up feeling full and then have a glass of milk and some water and get going. I would take some energy bars or something with you as two hours is a long while to train for without any nutrition. I have only found this out through trial and error and I am a big believer in listening to your body and doing what feels right for you.
  • I never used to eat before training in the morning. When I was a kid I used to run lots and my coach said no food three hours before a race.

    However, in the last six months I've started having mueslie and banana, toast and honey and/or weetabix and raisens before swimming, running or riding to work (not swimming to work of course, unless wather is very bad). I haven't had any problems doing this and I see eating on the run as good training for the future endurance challenges I have my eye on.

    I say give it a try - yoiu'll sharp know if it doesn't agree with you.

  • JonhinioJonhinio Posts: 289
    Before my training this morning I had a Lucozade energy bar which usually does the trick. On occasion it's a banana though washed down with a sports drink which I sip on the way to training
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Breakfast before depends on what I am doing...& how early I get up!

    Pre cycle almost anything as there is always a steady ride to warm up & get to the ride proper before hard work begins, run & swim a banana & fruit juice & I am good for a couple of hours...working hard 15 mins or so after eating/drinking. As mentioned this took a little effort & 'training' as it were but like most things you can get used to it.
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    If eating is a problem,try drinking a shake like godluvsatrier suggested.

    Try some different brands and flavours,there ought to be something you like.

    You should look for the 4/1 carbo/protein ones. The provide sufficient nutrients for your workout and are ok to drink as long as you don't need to run.

    Chew some raisins or dried fuit on the way, or some kind of bar with water and sports drink.

    Plenty of choice, just don't forget to bike!![:D]
  • yeh - i think i'll give the brekkie drink a crack, one of those "up & go" drinks with the goodness of 2 weetbix with a muesli bar or two on the go. now as long as i remember to actually ride the bike heh!!
  • I just wanted to post an update in case any one is interested... have been having these "up & go" drinks before our morning rides and so far has been successful! I haven't had any major "bonks" apart from this morning on my hill sessions but that's more my fitness than anything else... Also, i had to stop and take my shoes off and stamp around on the ground for a few minutes to try to warm up my feet which were blocks of ice (3 degrees this morning and a frost!)! Think i'll invest in some shoe covers...

    Interesting reading the posts on HRMs - my hussie bought one a month or so ago and I just put it in the back room but I wore it on my hill ride this morning and it was so interesting, I looked at that runners world site and worked out my max (mainly doing the 220 minus age so not exact) and then worked out my easy, moderate and hard levels and sadly my hill ride this morning which is supposed to be one of the hardest rides, i only managed to average about 70% of my max which is supposedly easy although i'm not sure of the length of time they are referring to because that was an average over about 1.5 hours... my max was about 90% of my max which is in the hard category... still new to that so will see what else i can learn and how to apply it. I think it will be most useful in the interval training because it is hard not to drift off during a 10 minute interval when you should be at 80% or so.

    Anyway, just a ramble...
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