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Favourite weekend cycle routes in London ?

Hi ..
I just got me some shiny new wheels (Jamis Ventura Race 2011 ) and am keen to find some new weekend cycle routes around London. I spend a lot of time in the week weaving traffic and stopping at lights for which I ahve a trek hybrid work-horse..
I'd love to find a circuit or route that takes in some decent stretches where you can just go without having to think about the traffic or regularly stopping so i can really get going on the new bike. I live around Putney. Might look for a cycle club as I see plenty around .. maybe i'll just follow some random cycclists ..inconspicuously.. like Gollom.



  • dhcmdhcm Posts: 67
    I head out to Potters Bar and Hertfordshire.But thats from North London so not best for you I guess.
  • I go towards Esher via richmond park (just got to get through Kingston) and in to the Surrey Hills, you don't see a traffic light for hours.
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    I'd suggest you just get out of London, you could always search routes on map my ride, some of those are good. For me, i head out over Shooters hill into Kent, takes a while to get away from the traffic but its worth it in the end, I also go out through Epping forest into Essex on occasion too, again take a while to get through traffic etc but worth it once out there. Personally it hink kent has the better routse and hills.
  • PC_67PC_67 Posts: 196
    One of my favourites is to get on the Regent's Canal towpath at Kensal Rise, just past Sainsbury's at Ladbroke Grove and head west out towards Hayes. After 20k you can then take the Brentford tributary all the way to, eh, Brentford. 30k out, so 60k in total. You need a MTB though, or at least cyclocross tyres. A lot of it is cinder / gravel but it's flat and very quiet. It's a bit mucky in places after a wet spell. 60k on a heavy MTB is quite a decent effort for me. It's my first year doing winter rides off road so I've no idea if it'll stand me in good stead for proper road cycling - we'll see.
  • Thanks for the replies .. I've best East on the canal path to City Airport, is a good ride once you're well clear of the busy sections and there are some nice roads out there near where the Lndon triathlon occurs.
    I think heading out towards Richmond and Esher will be my next route .. the Triathlon show is in Sandown park on Saturday (£6 ticket with this code: tcr11-022).
    My friend lives in Bookham in Surrey and I hear the hills over that way are challenging to say the least but the open stretches of road are rewarding .. as is the country local after your ride.

  • PC_67PC_67 Posts: 196

    Can you describe the Canal path East route please?

    I've taken the canal path as far as Limehouse from Islington but I thought it ended at Limehouse Dock. Does it start again at Canary Wharf?
  • I agree with Richmond Park, Kingston, Esher, Surrey hills, Box Hill, Epsom.

    Also, Richmond Park, Teddington Lock, Bushey Park, Lower Sunbury, Shepperton, Chertsey to Virginia Water. From there, enter Windsor Great Park and head for Smith's Lawn, out through Blacknest Gate, back in through Ascot Gate, the Village (with shop and toilet), Copper Horse, past Cumberland Gate, visitor centre (cafe), back to the car park where you came in. Follow same route home.
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