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Advice on foot pain (and pedal systems) please.

I need a bit of advice from 220forumland...I have often had some pain in my feet when riding my bike, outside edge mid-way down, this is an ache that usually goes away after T2 and I start what I laughingly call my run.

At the back end of last season though the pain in the right foot got worse during running and reduced me to 'the sick-man hobble' that will be famiar to Ironman completers. I ride in Addidas shoes and Look pedals (red cleats). A friend has suggested a change to a Time system, and probably a change of shoes. Anyone else had a similar problem ? (and and solutions)[8|]


  • JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    I have only had tingling in my feet. After coming on here I found out that it could be the position of the cleats.

    Therefore after adjust them the tingling vanished.

    It may be the positioning of your cleats. When you pedal look to see if your knee buckles out, or your heal moves in and out. The only movement should be up and down, no sideways movement.

    Not sure if that is any help.

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