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Hip Flexor / Calf Strain Help!!

pacmanpacman Posts: 109
In training for Ironman France and the injuries are really kicking in. Last year IMUK - nothing - but the karma Gods must have been storing things up for me! I have been unable to run for the last two weeks with what the physio is describing as a small tear in my right calf. So I was ploughing mileage into the bike - then while messing around on my nephew's Wii - I know, ultra stupid- I seem to have damaged one of my right hip flexors. (It was the bowling game btw).

Two questions really any advice about whether to go running in this the last week of training and any suggestions for not grinding to a stop on race day marathon - next sunday the 22nd.

Thanks guys.



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    TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    Hi mate, that does sound a bit shitty, and a hell of a quandary.

    I think it all comes down to what you want out of the race. I think you in a situation where you could try running, either get through it ok, or breakdown. If the latter occurs its likely that you will be in too much pain to race, or at least you will KNOW you will find the run hard, or not finish at all.

    Or you can not run, do the race, and during the run you may get through it, you may breakdown and hobble over the line and DNF.

    So the choice is, do you want to know in advance that you cant complete the race, or would you rather chance it and maybe you will finish, and maybe not.

    Personally I would go for the latter, and give it a go!

    Also, as it takes 5-7 days to gain the full physiological advance from a training session, the amount you could improve this close to the race is minimal. Therefore, I reckon you should rest up.

    In regards to the specific injuries, I doubt the calf tear will heal in time, as this would normally take 6 weeks at least, but I expect the hip flexor problem to resolve itself a bit quicker, so on that front you should be ok.

    Hope all goes well and the best of luck,

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    HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Well Pacman, if you're determined to do it then all you can do is get your hip & calf into the best shape possible. That means lots of stretching, mobilisations & strengthening under the supervision of your physio. Yes it may be expensive but you've already invested a lot of your time in training & money in kit and getting there.

    With a bit of luck the rehab should be enough to see you through the event. Ironmans arn't easy anyway. Some endurance runners take painkillers with them. I walked the last 9 miles of the Loch Ness marathon because my thighs siezed up - no PB there but I finished.

    Best of luck whatever

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