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weymouth half - cold water & times

vmebvmeb Posts: 1

i have been acclimatising to [cold] seawater the last two weeks, and frankly the sea is freezing. so it either warms up by weymouth/June 3 or is it odd to wear wetsuit boots (and maybe gloves) in this event?

its my first time doing weymouth and first half. whats a 'good' ladies time for a half? I've a 2.32 olympic - where should i be aiming.




  • Hi Vmeb,

    I did Weymouth last year, I can say that the sea was extremely cold. What I would suggest is to buy a Thermal Cap that can be placed under the swim cap and goes around the chin. Not sure if you are aloud to wear gloves and boots.

    Last year was very hot, I can't comment on your time as I am a blokey but good luck with the Tri.

  • steveslaysteveslay Posts: 54
    if its your first half then completing it is very good achievement

    i did a half last year in 6hrs 48 mins and was very near the back
  • ardkeenardkeen Posts: 152
    [sm=rolleyes.gif]forget the boots you'll be disqualified, I dunno what the water is like in UK, but it's not too bad in Ireland. I wear a 0.5 mm thickness neoprene cap which keeps the heat in. Good luck with the half IM.
  • This race sticks out in my mind as the coldest ever!!! Neoprene hat is a good idea for sure. Tough to comment on the times however some of the ladies in my club went round (fast course though) in 5:40 ish if I remember right!

    Best of luck and see you there
  • RobRob Posts: 209
    A couple of friends have been in the water round here, & both have confirmed (unsurprisingly) that it's bl@@dy freezing! I'm going to have to start braving it soon, as this will be my first competitive sea swim. I just hope it's not too rough. I'll definitely be squeezing two swim caps on. See you all there & good luck.
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