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Turboing with watts output (no cadence option)

Having bought a turbo trainer, it doesn't show me cadence, only watts. I'm not used to this and was in a constant battle to get anywhere close to 100rpm even on little resistance. I do try to train also with a HR monitor but I seem to spend more time trying to get it to register I'm alive than actually getting a read out. How can I use the watts reading which will always be there as a measure of exertion - I have no idea what sort of output I'm aiming for and haven't found anything useful on the web yet.

Anyone got any ideas or able to point me in the right direction so can work out what should be aiming for?



  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280
    Before doing any workouts with wattage you need to know your FTP (Functional Threshold Power)

    FTP is too in depth to explain in a thread, I ssuggest you do a google search when you have plenty of free time.

    Heres a start https://www.trainingpeaks.com/hunter/wh ... eshold.asp

    Training with power is far more accurate than training with Heart rate.
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