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Hello Everyone

I am doing my first tri - Olympic - London in August.

I am a good runner - but half decent the rest......

Just wanted to know everyones breathing techniques in the swim? been trying out a few different strategies but am thinking that breathing more regularly per number of strokes seems my best bet.............?

Also - what is the average spilt times of the field for the three disciplines??????

Trying to guage where I am / should be....




  • rodderzrodderz Posts: 14
    I am the same. new to this! London was going to be my first but I have added another tri in and am looking in for another.

    I have been told to breathe both sides and do that all the time now. have no idea about times
  • hi rodderz

    cool - yea breathing a ridiculous amount seems about right! I have been trying to pick things up naturally and am doing ok - but some points are so specialized it seems silly not to do the research.!

    how much training are you doing?

    I am doing about 2 * hour sessions of each a week at the moment
  • rodderzrodderz Posts: 14
    i think i do left shoulder, 3 strokes then right shoulder. it is much faster. I do whatever my trainer tells me! So 3-5 hr bike per week, 2-3 running and 2-3 hour swimming. I have a turbo trainer now too. Tomorrow is 45 min swim and then 60 min run. Tuesday is 20km bike TT and 10km run TT. I can not remember the rest of week. My trainer structures my training around my work week.

    I use a trainer as my work week is so busy travelling / working it instills some discipline and targets plus I (re)organise meetings so I can train and my work lets me take time if needs be. So I know what type of hotel I need. I am used to training for just one discipline.

    I am learning all the time. I have no really good discipline but possibly strongest at bike as I used to race a lot on the road and then/now BMX. I love swimming anyway so that is good.

    Plus I like this training on my own.
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