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Regents Park


I am just getting into training for the London Tri and am building in 2-3 morning sessions around Regents Park as park of my training.

I see groups thundering round together which looks more fun and motivational that on my own. Are these organised or informal? Any info greatly appreciated.

Also, i am currently lapping the outer circle in 8.35-8.45 - does anyone know what this translates to for a time over 40km




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    nickjaywnickjayw Posts: 33
    Hi Simon,

    I run around Regents Park and have measured it on the gmap-pedometer to be 4.43 km, so that would translate to 1:17:30 -> 1:19:00. However you would expect to go faster than that on race day with the extra focus of the task in hand and that there aren't - usually - any cars to worry about.

    Good luck

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    PC67PC67 Posts: 101
    Almost exactly what I do laps of RP in myself. Sometimes those damned pedestrians and motorists think they have every much as much right as us to be on the road though, damn them.
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