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raleigh airlite 100

I'm thinking of purchasing a raleigh airlite 100. Does anyone happen to know the weight of it? Also are the tires tubeless?

Thank you,

Ben Parker


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    Hi Ben

    I was thinking about buying the same bike earlier this year and got some good responses - here's the thread:


    I don't know the weight of the bike but it felt really heavy on its own - and then I picked up a Giant SCR3 and the difference was quite marked. Of course, we could do this forever and end up loking at a £3000 bike!! However, you can pick up a new SCR3 for £380 now - if your budget can stretch it might be worth it - when I was looking, the Raleigh was around £300 I think.

    Anyway - the guys gave me some very good advice on my thread - worth reading through.


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    benjy911benjy911 Posts: 3

    I can't really stretch over £200 which is my budget. I can get hold of the raleigh for £200. Do you know whether the tyres are tubed or tubeless
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    Sorry Ben - I don't know about the tyres
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    hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    Hey catwoman, I remember that thread well! How are you getting on with the bike? Good to read a success story......if it is a success? [;)]
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    TTX PROTTX PRO Posts: 225
    im sorry but 200 pounds [:'(].comon you cant get something good for that.Trust me spend anouther 100 pounds and get a dawes like this one belew the dawes giro 300,better than the raliegh i can esure you.ive seen some goin online for 250 pounds.Deffenently worth looking at[:D][:D][:D]

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    rpopper65rpopper65 Posts: 171
    Benjy, have you looked on ebay? If you know enough about bikes to be confident wading through the jargon, the specs and asking the right questions, you can get some okay deals, like http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/12-Speed-Mercurio-Road-Racing-Bike-High-Spec-POST-FREE_W0QQitemZ250107477951QQihZ015QQcategoryZ33503QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem



    You're not going to get a gorgeous bike for £200, but if you get a 7000 series aluminum frame or better, then at least you have a good base from which to upgrade in the future.You're not going to get a gorgeous bike for £200, but if you get a 7000 series aluminum frame or better, then at least you have a good base from which to upgrade in the future.

    Just make sure you know what frame size you take, and all the usual caveats about buying off the web.
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    Matt KMatt K Posts: 16
    I would be very surprised if the tyres were tubeless.

    More than likely you will get a beaded tyre with a standard inner tube.

    Have a look at these for something on a real budget


    altho the mercurio has frame mounted shifters which could slow down your shifting a bit
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    Hey Hound Dog!

    ...ashamed to say that I haven't got my ass in gear to get my bike yet - still peddling around on the old one but it's doing the job. I decided to go for the tri package at tri uk which includes the Giant OCR3 - but I want to go there to try everything out, and as yet I haven't had an excuse/reason to be 'passing by' yeovil. Looks like I will go for the OCR3 though.

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    Hate to say it Benjy but you are not going to get much choice at that price. You are really pushing it under about £500 to get anything which is going to perform more than taking you to the shops for the papers.

    Have you looked at second hand? You should be able to get something half decent on the second hand market.

    Interest free credit is also a great thing!
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    missbmissb Posts: 2

    I am also new to all of this - and find some the above quite depressing! My budget is also low at about £250. All this talk about needing to spend the best part of £500 or using hire purchase is hardly encouraging. I can't/won't spend more than £250 for my first bike so I am kind of thinking maybe this is not the sport for me! Which is a little sad as I was feeling quite excited at buying my first bike - some (not all) of the posts above are making me think I simply won't stand a chance!

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    don't be put off , many folk start tri on mountain bikes and although they won't win they still finish . just remember any bike is better than no bike at all , you can allways upgrade later when the need for all things light takes over .
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    Giant SCR 4.0 are ok, pick up last years colours pretty cheap, covered 2500 miles since last june on mine. It is my everyday bike and does the job.
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    Some of the replies to this thread are very discouraging to newcomers on a budget.

    On the other Raleigh thread I discouraged the poster from going for the Raleigh because there were better bikes out there for their budget (£300). If, however, your budget is £200 and no more, then yes - get the Raleigh.

    The Raleigh will be relatively heavy and not as well specced as more expensive bikes, but it give you a start in the sport.

    If it's a choice between "buy the Raleigh and become a triathlete" or "listen to all the bike snobs and never get started" then I know which I'd rather do.

    So get the bike, get training on it and, when you're racing your first race, make sure you overtake some of the carbon dream machines [;)]

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    hbhb Posts: 22
    Hi started doing triathlons last year and used several bikes but i then bought a cheaper bike with a frame i liked and then basically changed everything i wanted to and now have a bike that i want.just a suggestion and i hope you get the bike you want
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    To missb

    don't listen to all the people who say you can't race with a low cost bike. Just remember without new people starting the sport will never survive.

    OK a rider on a £3000+ carbon bike may get round quicker, but that does not mean you will have enjoyed it any less.

    I have raced for the last 2 years on a mountain bike, and now also ride a Raleigh (Airlite 300) and love every minute of it.

    You will find most people will encourage you no matter what you ride.

    Get what bike you can afford and don't worry about the few bike snobs.

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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Trudger is right (although i desperatly want that planet X TT bike). Enjoy triathlon. Get the training right and you'd even pas people on your kids bike. Now that would be called: 'How to humiliate snobs, part one'[8D].
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    First timerFirst timer Posts: 139
    I myself ride a Raleigh Airlite U6Pro which shows that these bikes are well up for the job, ok this model comes in at one thousand pound due to the carbon but the lower budget end are ideal to get started.

    Don't worry what others may think about your type of bike just get on what you can afford and enjoy after all thats why we do what we do.

    Good luck[;)]
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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    and there is & always will be £3000 bike 50p legs and/or all the gear..no idea.

    Get the bike you can afford, enjoy the sport at the level you want to, make friends, join a club oh & HAVE FUN.
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