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Does anybody know where the online coach facility is on the site as featured on page 88 of this months mag.. i can't find it?


  • I am also keen to get an answer to this question. Cant find it anywhere which is annoying as it looks like a fab training tool.

    Can anyone shed any light?
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    get a proper coach where the feedback is actually real time
  • Very helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    shadowone1 wrote:
    get a proper coach where the feedback is actually real time
  • I'd imagine it will be on here tomorrow as its the available from date for the next issue
  • Shadowone,

    Not the best of comments, some of us a) can't afford a 'real' coach or b) don't live anywhere near one.
    To some of us it is just a hobby that we enjoy and want to do as well as possible without having to spu*k out cash willy nilly on luxuries such as 'real' coaches. Rant over.

    If anyone does know of online advice etc then I for one would be interested.
  • Shadowone,

    You'll probably also find that most levels of coaching only define a certain level of contact depending on how much you want to pay (e.g. 1x 15 min phone call per month at a pre-arranged time, questions by email with a 48hr response). Getting immediate coach response at any time will cost most of us big time..

    For me an online system that can revise my plan based on what I actually manage to fit in during a training week will be really good. Until now many online plans don't seem to allow for the fact I can't train much on Saturdays - or that Tuesday evenings I go to the pub, or Wednesday is my preferred rest day. If this online coach system works I think it's going to be great for quite a large number of us that are trying to fit Tri-training around busy work & family lives.

    The other option of course is to be so good at Tri that you get selected for TeamGB elite standard.

  • Afternoon all

    220 here. Apologies but due to last-minute testing for glitches, bugs and usability issues, the launch of the 220 Triathlon Online Coach has been delayed.

    We’ll keep you up-to-date on an exact ETA but sorry again for the delays.

    Good to read your thoughts on online coaching though.

    The 220 Team
  • Any news on the online coach?
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