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Springfield Tri

My first Tri, what an introduction:-

It hammered it down until everyone had finished, then the sun miraculously came out of course.

The Transition area was like some sort of sponge, took plenty of gravel with me in my shoes for both the ride and the run (ouch)

The ride was a bit of a venture into the unknown on the downhill sections - couldn't see a thing.

The first marshall on the run sent me off in the wrong direction giving me an extra k or two to cover (the housing estate will be nice once it's finished!) To top it off the same marshall also let the chap in front of me go straight past her at the end of the run rather than directing him into the finish, fortunately I had the lungs to holler at him to come back.

Then to top it off, I check the website and it's been taken down!

You might like to see this if you're after your times:-

(Still coming back for more though, hopefully a slightly drier one)

Hi Rob,

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[color=black]The results will be posted on the DC Leisure website in the next few days. If you would like to find out what they are before then you can call Springfield LC on 01249 712846.[/color]

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[color=black]Kind regards,[/color]

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  • I did this event.

    Can't call it a race as they have missed me off the results! After waiting until yesterday for them to become available (three days after the event) I then looked through them to find I wasn't there!! [:@]

    I didn't time myself overall so have no proof of what I did, but I timed my run and bike and know I felt good o the swim and therefore by calculations should be second female.

    Can't get hold of the organiser as she is apparently not on shift until tomorrow. Any one else do it and not on the results?

    Only my second tri and I have to say for £28 the organisation was a shambles. Won't let it put me off though.

    Other rubbish things were:

    No security for the transition area, could have taken my pick of anyones bike as there was no one there to check you had a number.

    My swim was late starting by 15 minutes, some people only swam 14 lengths and yet weren't told to carry on, some did too many as the marshalls weren't clear at putting the two to go boards in.

    Had no idea where to go on the run and had to shout at the marshall to find out directions (she was half asleep), the spectators saw two ladies go the wrong way and the marshalls did nothing to stop them!

    Despite the horrible weather I still loved it [:)]

    I can only hope if I go back next year the weather and the organisation can only get better.

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