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Shorti Wetsuits/Trisuits for training

Hi Guys,

I am an ex-pat living out in Germany and the outdoor pools out here have just opened up for the season. This is awesome as they are all 50m. Unfortunately however, they are also ******** freezing (it may be just me being a wimp, I don't know!). Is there any form of garment out there that I can wear for the pool that will keep a bit of the warmth in and stop me having to exit after 20 mins? I can't find anything over here or on web sites/in magazines. I have a full wet suit for open water swims (most of them are over here) but can't find anything suitable for the pool. This is a problem I have had for a number of seasons and as I moved up to middle and long distance last year I need to get the time in in the pool. Cheers.


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    razgrazg Posts: 5

    i found that the aquasphere winter suit was amazing for just that! check to see the bets place for you to order from.
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