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South Coast Tri Sprint Distance

I am competing in the South Coast Tri @ Seaford in September (sprint distance) for the first time, and as I regularly compete in sprint tri's, I do not have a wet suit as most races are pool based. From experience of previous years, does anybody know if just a Tri Suit would be OK for this race - or would I be at a serious disadvantage? I am a decent club swimmer but all training is based in the swimming pool. I also don't plan to do any more open swims this year......



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    peterparkypeterparky Posts: 59
    Hi Bradders

    check out the official site below - got all the info you need

    The event starts with a sea swim from Seaford beach (wetsuits are compulsory for the Classic swim only). http://www.fun2tri.co.uk/Southcoast-new/index.htm

    If you are a good club swimmer already a wetsuit won't make any difference over 750m, probably slow you down with taking it off in transitions etc. I will do it in a suit though as i am a crap swimmer and need the extra bouancy!

    Hope this helps

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    BraddersBradders Posts: 5
    Thanks Ian. That helps. I am going to enter an Aquathlon in August - that should be a good warm up in the Sea! Plus, I am slow enough in T1 / T2 anyway........ let alone take a wetsuit off.


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    peterparkypeterparky Posts: 59
    is it the littlehampton one? 7th Aug - Sounds good - small

    if it is i am planning on doing it as well 400m 4k 400m 4k.

    I might drown on the second 400 though!

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