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which is the best ironman to do to get to the world champships[:)]


  • KarlOnSeaKarlOnSea Posts: 28
    . . . . or the newbie flip side of this question - which is the best Ironman to do first - ideally in Europe?
  • cortoncorton Posts: 2
    which one i have done lanzrote iroman
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    If I could tell you I would be in Hawaii this October.Seriously,research you different courses they are all published and choose one which you will be best suited for i.e. temperature,sea/lake swim, time of year( if you live in the northern hemisphere and racing in either NZ or Aus then you will be training over winter in the cold).hilly cycle or fast and flat,the easier courses fill up quicker and consequently the qualifying times for the WTC are faster.If you want a quick time train on the race course and Good luck,or you could bid for one of the charity places on Ebay or enter the lottery.
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