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Cayo Expert- "Loose" Headset

Hi All - just received my new Focus Cayo Expert from a German dealer (Wiggle did not have my size), which I had to partially re-assemble. I have not ridden it yet, but have noticed that there is a significant amount of "play" in the front section, when I rock the bike back and forth, whilst holding the front brake locked. Also, when turning the handlebars from side to side, it amount feels and sounds a bit like "metal on metal", where the front tube goes into the fork area. Any suggestions, simply needs some lube and adjustments of the headset screws??[8|][8|]


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    transittransit Posts: 163
    Not sure how much you know about adjusting headsets but assuming it just needs setting up:

    - loosen off the bolt/s that attach the stem to the steerer tube (tube on top of forks).

    - Now tighten up the top cap - the cap that sits on top of the steerer tube. Don't overtighten, just nip it up. You are just trying to tighten it enough to take the play out of the bearing but not overload it. Either put front brake on and rock bike back and fwd to see if it is tight enough or grab underside of fork and top of steerer to look for play.

    - Once bearing is suitably tight, tighten the stem bolts back up again, this time give them a little bit more. These bolts will keep the whole lot in place.

    that should be that! Hope this isn't too patronising. I don't know how much you know so thought I'd just take it from basics. Also had to rush cos at work!
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    thanks, had played with the parts as you described, but will give it another go. Think I'm a little nervous with it being new kit and all. Now get back to work![:D]
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    transittransit Posts: 163
    Ah, my boss is a secret triathlete!!!

    A good source of reference is the Park Tools website, any further probs post up.
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    The problem with my new Focus Cayo Expert turned out not to be related to my limited DIY knowledge. Turns out that for some inexpicable reason the factory has cut down the steerer tube so much that the whole headset becomes unstable. That's problem number one. The second - more serious problem - is related to the "strange metallic noise" I heard, when turning the handlebars from side to side. After my local bikeshop (Prologue in East Sheen) had taken the whole front end apart, we noticed that inside the frame front tube, either carbon material and/or glue had formed and is rubbing against the steerer tube. A definite quality issue. So, bike going back to Germany.. Any one else had similar issues with Focus frames or any other make carbon??
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