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Cramps while cycling

While completing the Stratford spring triathlon on Sunday I suffered with terrible cramp in my right calf muscle after about 5 miles on the bike. The swim had gone well (in fact the swim is my best discipline), and the start of the bike seemed fine (I wasn't even pushing too hard at the time), but then my calf cramped up.

The cramp meant I had to stop the bike and stretch the muscle, but even after doing that I couldn't push on the bike or it cramped again. I also got cramp when changing into my running shoes, and I took the run easy - even though the leg seemed to have settled itself by then.

Anyone got any thoughts on how to prevent this in the future?


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    Often times I find that cramps like that come from simple hydration issue's. Water is key in keeping my muscles from cramping on a long hike.

    The other thing could be a lack of healthy protein and good carbs to help you muscles rebuild after training.....best time to get that in your body to help rebuild muscles is within 30 mins. post workout.....any of this ring familiar??
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    chrisygeechrisygee Posts: 4
    Thanks Incognito77. Could be dehydration. I'd been quite careful to take lots of fluid onboard, but it had been an early start so perhaps not enough to replenish fluid lost through the night.

    It had also been a late night wedding reception the night before (which probably didn't help) although I didn't drink anything alcoholic.
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    hamsterhamster Posts: 1
    A few months back, I got a severe cramp something like you describe, although I was running a 10 mile road race at the time. I was well prepared, well hydrated, warmed-up and was not actually pushing too hard, but after 2 miles one of my calves siezed up. To me it was inexplicable why this occurred. Any expert advice (both physiotherapist and A&E doctor) could give me no real explanation as to why something like this could happen except for the usual 'de-hydration, over exertion' reasons, which definitely did not apply to me in this situation.

    I'm sure you've well researched the causes of cramp on the web, and it seems that sometimes it's occurence cannot simply be explained.

    Don't worry too much about it, unless it starts to occur on a regular basis.
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    DermskiDermski Posts: 14
    Hydrating is key, but filling yourself full off water might not help especially if the body can’t absorb it. You could be low in salt levels maybe? making Hydration more difficult. Salt levels are sometimes over looked, as it is seen as unhealthy in this day and age, but if you active and sweat a lot you will be loosing vital salts. I used to suffer with cramps like you, but I found ( and was told by my doctor ) if I have a little more salt in my diet cramps don’t effect me as much or at all, and Hydration is a lot easier too. Dermski
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    chrisygeechrisygee Posts: 4
    Thanks for the advice. My biggest concern was it was something to do with the fact I had a kidney removed 18 months ago.

    Only way to find out would seem to be 'get back on the bike' as they say.
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