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Wheel Wobble

If headset is ok then it narrows it down to tube, tyre, wheel/true or bearing. My wheel thump/wobble was the welds on the rim had shifted/come apart so it was snail shell shaped.


  • MarkGMarkG Posts: 7
    Its rear wheel mainly! Here's hoping new tyre and tube might sort it no chance of me having time or getting someone to true wheel before Sunday!!
  • MarkGMarkG Posts: 7
    Seem to be experiencing wheel wobble at speeds over 50km/hr cones etc seem to be tight enough any other suggestions would be great! why does it start last training ride before first race of season!!! [:@]
  • gaterz1981gaterz1981 Posts: 233
    Nobody you can borrow a rear wheel from?
  • MarkGMarkG Posts: 7
    Doubtful but will ask around!! thxs
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