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iR transfer probs Polar 725x

I have recently got a Polar 725X to assist with my training. Today i bought the Polar iR USB interface.Install went OK and new hardware recognised, but is not transfering data from the watch to the PC. When I click "transfer" the dialogue box says " Reading settings" but there is no movement on the progress bar beneath and no data is going across. On the watch the Ir comms page shows either iR comms and a percentage or "COMMS" flashes. I cant seem to find reference to this in the manual. I will obviously contact Polar but thought I'd ask here first to see if anyone else has had the same or an answer.

Thanks Alex


  • RobRob Posts: 209
    Hi monkeynuts,

    Welcome to the forum. I've had one of these for nearly three months now. It's certainly a tool & a half! Make sure there's no direct sunlight shining on to the watch or IR interface when you attempt to download. To set the watch into the correct mode just push the bottom right button once & you should see 'Connect' at the top of the watch. I presume you have some data in the watch to download?!


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