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Duathlon - pedal options

Hi, any advice much appreciated.

I'm doing my first Duathlon shortly - 7k run, 25k bike, 7k run (road). Running is my stronger discipline although I'm used to cycling with SPDs. My cycling shoes are three strap and v. difficult to get on/off on the move.

For my first duathlon, do you think it will be worthwhile investing in a decent pair of tri bike shoes or just stick to cages on some flat pedals?

I have no chance before this first race to practice putting any tri shoes on whilst on the go.

Either way, any recommended products would be a big help.

Thanks a lot.



  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    'pyro platforms' , have a look at them. The vansteelant brothers used them, and they are both world champions duathlon. So I think it will help you out too.
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Good question I once asked the same question only to get the same answers as you seem to be getting. I ended up having a think about it and realised that I was doing duathlon to practise for triathlon and that an integral part of triathlon is transition and therefore in a duathlon I would get two chances to practise and improve and learn about triathlon transition if I used a triathlon set up ie tri-specific bike shoes and running shoes with the elastolaces & lace-lok. Now if you are out to win the duathlon Benny's pyro suggestion is worth exploring.
  • DubbsDubbs Posts: 2

    thanks for reply. I've looked at the Pyros but couldn't justify ~ £90 for my first duathlon race. I'm also doing some tri's this year so will prob buy some tri specific shoes.

    as the race is this w/e I think I'll go with some flat pedals and clips for now, a safe bet I hope.

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