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Anyone doing IM Lanzerote 2008?



  • Dave BoyDave Boy Posts: 94
    Good to hear you are back.9 weeks to go.Did a great 50 mile bike then 10K run on Sunday long run Monday and today just got back from 50 mile bike very windy and got soaked half way round.Hope to get 100 in on Thursday if weather gets better.Struggling with swimming but getting there.Swim brick when weather picks up early April could do 3K open swim then 5 hour bike any day suits me.this is open to all.
  • CalimaCalima Posts: 35
    Just to let all you guys know, we had a Sprint Tri in Playa Blanca (LZ) last Saturday. Our races start at 5.00pm but the head winds were up to 25k, it was hard going for the first 10k, but after the turn round things became easier. We are allowed to draft here, which is OK for the men but there are not enough women to make this happen. Its still lovely & warm though around 22-24 each day. Keep up the training..
  • Dave BoyDave Boy Posts: 94
    Sounds lovely over there.Any ideal what temp will be in May?
  • CalimaCalima Posts: 35
    The temperture and winds do not change very much in the Canaries, the temperture stays around 22-25 degrees raising to 27-29 in the summer months & the winds on a good day 10K per hour to 25K on a bad one, it just means the bike ride will be a little harder. It will also depend on the wind direction on the day.The bike route goes from south to north & back so again its swings & rounderbouts.
  • I can't beleive it. I've crocked myself again.

    Out for a 4 hr ride this morning. Had a slight twinge in my left hamstring but despite knowing that I should stop, I carried on. It was fine when spinning but started hurting when climbing.

    I've spent the afternoon icing but the pains there when ever I bend my knee.

    I really hope that my last 20 weeks of training have not been in vain. Due to start peak phase next week.....I'm such a fool!!!!!!!
  • Dave BoyDave Boy Posts: 94
    Sorry to hear that swim brick fingers crossed you will be ok.I am arriving Wed gonna register on Thursday.We are staying at Porta de carmen anyone fancy sharing a taxi to register?
  • Having physio and it is improving daily. Physio said it will be a 14 - 28 day recovery. banking on the 14 days

    All I have been able to do is swim with a pull buoy, which with my crazy legs, has actually made it easier! swam 3600 metres today.

    As for registering, not sure what day i will be going but will be taking the whole family.

    9 WEEKS, 2 DAYS & COUNTING!!!!!!!!
  • Dave BoyDave Boy Posts: 94
    Not long.How is all your training going?Did another 100 mile bike on Thursday weather stayed good long run on Friday 15 miles. Weekend is here brick session planned for Sunday.At last lake swim planned for Saturday looked at weather a week ahead and it looks good.
  • I'm so jealous of the amount of training you're doing. I'm falling apart.

    I actually got injured convalescing. I woke up on Monday morning with severe foot pain which is still hurting. That's now 2 weeks, other than swimming that I've lost.

    I was supposed to be up in North Yorks doing a duathlon this weekend but had to withdraw last night.

    I had this goal of doing Lanza in under 12:30 however now my aim is to get to the start line injury free!
  • Dave BoyDave Boy Posts: 94
    Sorry to hear about the probs keep plugging away.Big cow are holding a oly duathlon 13th April at Emberton park 10K run 40K bike 5K run.Good race flat and fast only one slight hill on bike.Worth having a go.
  • Won't make that one as it clashes with a scheduled 5 hr ride. Bearing in mind that I am playing catch up after my injuries long hours in the saddle will be of more benefit.

    Did a 3500 metre swim last night which took me 73 mins. i was chuffed as that is the furthest I've swam in a continueous swim and it was arms only as I was still using a pull buoy because of my tendonitis.

    Dave do you fancy a long (5.30 -6 hr) ride on either 19th or 26th April?

  • Dave BoyDave Boy Posts: 94
    Cant do either riding to Brighton on 18th then sea swim week after at comp.Started lake swimming this week not to bad.Four of us braved the lakes two 20 min swims.Every Saturday now up till May.
  • Dave BoyDave Boy Posts: 94
    How is it going?Not long to go now.Great training week finished with a long bike to Brighton on Friday 97 miles been swimming all week started lakes twice a week.Running going well also.This week got big brick sessions planned.Two more big weeks then taper time not looking forward to that.Had a go at Milton Keynes duathlon last week 10k run 40K bike 5K run all went ok time was 2hours 15.
  • Getting close now, 4weeks 6 days

    Glad to see your going well. I did an 'epic' 110 mile ride yesterday in the rain. It took me 6 hr 52 min which took me from Medway to Dover via Hastings, Rye, Hythe and Folkestone. The first time that i have ever gone over 100 miles in one go.

    Wore my tri shorts with their wafer thin padding and have to say, I got on better with those, pain wise than i do with my big-padded shorts, so that's another weight off my mind.

    I too have another 2 weeks prior to the taper. Not managed an open water swim yet. My local lake doesn't open until May. I am in Lanza 10 days prior to race so not too worried as will be able to get at least a couple of sessions in the sea.

    Stay injury free, Colin

  • CalimaCalima Posts: 35
    Just to say good luck to everyone competing in IM LZ, over the weekend the winds have been unbeliveable & also very hot- the temperture got upto 38 degrees but pleased to say its cooling down now to about 27.

    Bien Suerte

  • Calima,

    thanks for the weather update. Weather in the UK has been rubbish for this time of year. The temp difference is going to come as a big shock.


    How are you getting on. I have my longest run of 3 hours this weekend, thankfully the long ride is down to 5 hrs. On Sunday going for my first open water swim of the year. Got to say with this weather we're having, it's going to be cold.

    how spooky is this, just been on Vitruvian website to make sure that it hadn't filled up yet. checked out last years results to see that we finished one in front of the other, 16 sec's apart !!

    3 1/2 weeks to go
  • Dave BoyDave Boy Posts: 94
    Yes we must have been chasing each other at the vitruvain.Are you doing it this year?I am .We should be close at Lanza.Got one more big week then two taper weeks.Been in the lakes every other day temp is getting up.Due up the lakes tomorrow then Sunday.Swimming is my weekest event need to keep up with it.
  • Well got to lake for first openwater swim of the year yesterday. All went well once I got used to cold. Only did 45 mins this time but intend to do a continuous 1:15 swim next week.

    Did my longest run this morning of 22 miles in 3:03. My feeding plan seemed to work.

    Did you read the 40 ironman cycling tips in this months 220? Having read it, I got straight on to wiggle and ordered a 27-12 cassette to replace my 25-12. Hopefully it will keep me sat in the saddle for longer on the climbs!

    Dave, i have sent you my mobile number so that we can get in contact and meet up at registration/race brief on the Thursday
  • Dave BoyDave Boy Posts: 94
    Well done on the swim.Yes look forward to meeting up on the Thursday.
  • Dave BoyDave Boy Posts: 94
    Just about to start my taper.Anyone else starting and if so what is your plan.Went down to Brighton today for a sea swim.Weather was great hot and sunny water was very calm needed it to be choppy never mind back down next week.Back in lake tomorrow 3K then bike.
  • Just me and you tapering then! Hours in the saddle coming down. only 4 hrs ride yesterday and a 2 hr run tomo then it really slows down.

    Did a 3 km open water swim this morning in the lake (it was so much warmer than last week).

    Just dismantled my bike and put him in a bike box. Just hope that it is not damaged at the other end. I fly out on wednesday and are now getting quite excited but also nervous now that the BIG day is less than two weeks away.

    Just got to stay injury free.

    See you out there Dave
  • Dave BoyDave Boy Posts: 94
    Yes you and me.Looking forward to it.Are you going out this Wednesday?I fly out next Wednesday getting there about midday.Got your mobile will give you a call when I get there so we can meet up.
  • pacmanpacman Posts: 109
    Just wanted to wish all ye guys good luck - kick ass!
  • not participating but will be there on training camp CLUB LA SANTA DOES THE RACE HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH CLUB LA SANTA?
  • Dave BoyDave Boy Posts: 94
    Yes that is the race HQ.Also CLS are main organizers.Are you out there next week for the Ironman?If so there is two of us from this site doing the event me and swimming Brick.
  • ardkeenardkeen Posts: 152
    Well done to all you guys that took part in Lanz 08. How about letting us know how the event went for you?
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    I didn't compete in Lanza, but some club mates of mine did. One of them came out of the water in 58th place, so he had a great swim leg![image]http://forum.220magazine.com/micons/m6.gif[/image] He had some lower back problems on the bike and lost a lot of places there. Followed by a very good run, he finished in 10.30hours. He got his ticket to Hawaii[image]http://forum.220magazine.com/micons/m6.gif[/image][image]http://forum.220magazine.com/micons/m6.gif[/image]

    I sure hope they need a support crew, for which I selflessly volunteer.

    Two other members finished in 11.05 and 11.39. So they all had a great race.

    Let us know how you guys did; Be proud, you earned some bragging rights here man(and women).
  • Just back home from Lanzarote. What a great race venue. the ride was hard but outstanding. The four lap marathon was a real mental challenge!

    Daveboy and I ran into each other whilst out on our final training runs early on the Friday morning and ran together and had a nice chat.

    I saw him again in transition before the race. we shook hands and wished each other well. Alas didn't manage to bump into each other again. (hope all went well dave)

    My race started with a mediochre swim. 35' first lap, swimming in the 'washing machine' and a disappointing 39' second lap which was mainly down to my poor sighting.

    Loved the bike. I overtook nearly 300 people. I had a mantra which I kept saying to myself as I passed uphill, numerous triathletes on feather-weight £2K plus, carbon beauties on my £600 Giant OCR1. It was Lance's quote 'It's not about the bike'

    Finished the ride in 6:37, which was within my estimated window.

    The run as i said as quite a mental challenge with 4 laps. The first 2 went well but started to struggle badly in the 3rd and the first half of the 4th lap. With me starting to walk more and more, I switched to cola which I'd never tried in training, but at this stage with nothing to lose I gave it a go and have to say- cola rules. it picked me up better than gels or the energy drink and powered me to a strong finish. The run i completed in 4:02.

    My best hoped for time was 12:30 - 13:00. Which scientifically(!!!!) was my Vitruvian time doubled and 1:30 added! When i crossed the line for my first IM in 12:13:20 I got all emotional and blubbered like a baby !!!

    During the run I had vowed never again. however, I'm now looking at races for next year.

    Off to get my tattoo tomorrow!
  • Dave BoyDave Boy Posts: 94
    Well done swim brick great time.I had a mare of a run sick three times belly did not want to know but finshed 14.40.Get back tomorrow then start to train for Cowman at MK.Good to meet you look forward to meeting at other races.Great support out there.
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