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105 v's Ultegra v's Dura-Ace

It's getting near the time when I need to replace my 10 spd 105 chain and cassette.

I have been happy with my current set up but would like to upgrade if the expense would be worth it.

My concern is that I am a 'heavier' triathlete at 15 and a bit stone and would like to know if the higher end of the shimano food chain are as robust as the 105.

Any advice apprieciated


  • TTX PROTTX PRO Posts: 225
    i wouldn't go for shimano chains if i was you as they are pain in the butt and these days the quility is only in the dura-ace and unfortunently thats going down hill aswell.I would go for KMC or a Wipperman.Best place to go is http://www.wiggle.co.uk for that.
  • Thanks for that, another brown box from wiggle to sneak past the wife then!

    Any views on the cassette?
  • you shouldn't notice any real difference in robustness between the 3 gruppos, certainly for road riding there's not much in it.

    Lightness/aesthetics yes, but not longevity/strength.
  • TTX PROTTX PRO Posts: 225
    just remember.Lower friction smoother pedling.Stick to that and youl be fine.In terms of cassetes 105 is a popular choice with a lot of roadies.wouldn't recommend going for ultegra.not much difference to be honest and only go for dura-ace if you quility and titanium.As a cycle engineer,just making my recommendations.up to you
  • I've got a Dura-Ace 10sp cassette going for around £35 inc postage if you're interested. I won it in a competition, and it's only ever been out of the box for looking at! I'm away for the next week, but if you're interested, post a reply & we can get in contact when I return.
  • Thanks KarlOnSea.

    If it's either a 12-25 or 12-27 will be very interested

    TTX PRO, thank you for your input, had toyed with the idea of KMC chains. How easy are they to part /reconnect?
  • Hi there.

    On the other hand, if the cassette is a ten speed 11-23, then I'll gladly buy it off you.

    You can get me on andrewgturnbull @ hotmail . com (remove the spaces).

    Cheers, Andy

    ps Re: the original poster. I wouldn't touch shimano chains with a barge pole - the joining link is all too easy to get wrong, with disasterous consequences when you snap your chain... You can pick up a very good quality SRAM 10 speed chain from Chain Reaction Cycles at the moment for £25. Shimano cassettes are fine though. Stick with 105 if you're not worried about the weight - the shifting performance is identical across the range. Personally I find Ultegra a good compromise between value for money and performance. Only go for DA if you can get one cheap ;-) or if you're loaded.
  • ps If you replace your chain fairly frequently (say twice a year for the average rider) then you won't need to change the cassette.

    pps There is a school of thought that says to replace your chain before every race to get maximum efficiency. Michael Hutchinson recommends chucking a cheap (£10) chain on, and treating them as disposable items. But what would he know...
  • TTX PROTTX PRO Posts: 225
    KMC chains have are very easy to put together and take apart due to the connector link.That goes for all wippermann chains aswell
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