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Endurance Nutrition DVD

Endurance Nutrition DVD

Now available from o-donnells online Price: £17

Nutrition expert and ultra endurance cyclist, Steve Born, answers these and many other questions inside Endurance Nutrition. Gain top advice on how you can dramatically improve your training, racing and health through a simple, well thought out endurance nutrition plan.

As an endurance athlete, whether you're a cyclist, triathlete, cross country skier or anything in between, you put a tremendous amount of time and effort into training for your sport. But even with the best coach and top of the line equipment, you may never reach your peak if you're short-changing the third pillar of your training regimen -- your nutrition plan.

Inside Endurance Nutrition, steve puts it all together with easy-to-follow steps that endurance athletes of all levels can understand and relate to. From his 5 keys to a healthy eating strategy and 7 steps to fueling during an event to his advice on pre-race and post-workout meal strategies, you'll find something that will take your endurance performance to the next level!

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