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swim infections?

hi, I have been training hard in the pool of late and i keep getting sinus infections and cold type bugs which is very frustrating, i do tend to consume a fair amount of water when i swim! but my question is if i am getting bugs and infections from a pool what am i likely to catch by swimming in the blenheim palace lake? and do i need to correct my swim style to stop myself swallowing/inhailing so much water?

your advice will be much appreciated.

cheers, james.


  • QuitterQuitter Posts: 160
    I dont think its swallowing the water thats doing it.....do you wear nose and/or ear plugs?
    Forgot my ear plugs for (pool) swimming last night and ears still not right even now.
    Ear nose and throat all connected tha kna's....

    BTW the only reason I started wearing ear plug was after doing OW swimming.
    Never had a prob before but started getting nauseous (sp) and someone suggested (correctly) ear plugs might help.
  • jonnnijonnni Posts: 32
    Thanks Quitter - you may have just solved a problem for me
    Always feel sh*t after swimming OW v dizzy/possible puke - never thought of ear plugs
    I'll give em a try
  • gasgasgasgas Posts: 21
    never thought of that either, i have just ordered some!

    many thanks for the tip, James.
  • Seem to recall reading that nausea after OW swim is due to a type of sea sickness. I’m generally fine after OW until about 3 hours later when the snot from hell blocks my nose for the next 24 hours. However this only happens in one lake that I train in, event lakes tend to be OK.

    None of which is actually any help to you…
  • Cold type symptoms after swimming at pool are more likely to be a mild chlorine allergy, than the pool being dirty. I developed the same thing after a year of regular pool swimming, and would have a runny nose and violent sneezing for a day after every swim. There is a long thread on this forum about it. The solution is either to squirt some anti-allergy stuff up your nose, or much simpler buy a nose clip. They don't look great,, but they are cheap and they mean I never suffer now. I don't bother with them in open water as there is no chlorine. Good luck.
  • I had same problem......it started all of a sudden & happened everytime I swam. Fine now because of using a noseclip. Also I need to wear ear plugs OW or I feel sick & dizzy....
  • gasgasgasgas Posts: 21
    thanks for the replies, i have now got myself a nose clip and some ear plugs, its definitely gonna take some getting used to though!

    cheers, James.
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