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London Triathlon... tapering question?

Hello all....

Bit last minute, this, but I have a few quick questions regarding tapering. I'm doing the olympic distance in London on 5th. When should I stop training, or cut down, and to what?

I'm planning on the following:

M - 10k steady run (done)

T - Swim class (2500 drills)

W - 50k bike

T - 5k run

F - rest

S - rest

S - Race!

Is the bike ride on the weds OK, or is too much volume? Should I concentrate on speed rather than volume (20k/5k brick instead?), maybe swap out my swim class for stroke-length and speed drills? Or stop panicking and generally ease up?

Advice appreciated. I've done lots of sprints which I usually just train through, but this is my first Olympic, so I really want to get it right.

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  • DedeDede Posts: 35
    Hi Bopomofo,

    You should be lowering the intensity of your training, 50km bike is manageable depending how fit you are, but that session should be easy ie. think about your aero position, gearing and spinning lightly, if you shorten the cycle and you want a little work out, do short and sharp but not hard you want to feel fresh and supple after. Thurs 5km again should be steady think about running form, striding out with relaxed neck and shoulders breathing correctly, think about how good it is to feel relaxed whilst running and mimick this is in preparation for your run leg on Sunday. Fri is rest, Sat however if you feel nervous or say a bit stiff do a 1 mile jog and it must be a jog followed by gentle stretching. You should not do anything too different to what you normally do. Drink sufficent amounts of water, use your energy drinks for pre and post race day. Sleep, go to bed early no late nights to get maximum recovery so you can go full bore come race day. If this is your peak race, common sense with the training you will not lose any fitness now providing you have trained properly. Basically feel good about yourself use this final week to tick over ready for a big race. Do not cram last minute work outs. Think positive, I have the strength the will to kick ass!! good luck.
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