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Swim / Bike Duathlon?

BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
Anybody know of a Swim / Bike duathlon anywhere in southern England?

I have a disabled friend who has virtually no use of his legs. He can swim all day, and has a hand-powered bike which he regularly does 30+ mile rides on. Obviously he has a problem with the run...

All of the duathlons I've seen have been either run/bike/run or run/swim/run or some other variant, but I've never seen a swim/bike combo.

Any suggestions?


  • LukeTimmsLukeTimms Posts: 7
    they're called aquabike events. Google had a few but you would be better looking into it as I dont know what distance he would want to do etc.
  • There is an Aquabike event on August 16th at the Big Woody near Chepstow ...its either the full 3.8k open water swim and 180k bike, pretty hard-core for a first event , or they could go for the Little Woody at half those distances on the same day www.thebigwoody.org.uk

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