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[color=#000080]Hello all:[/color][/align]

[color=#000080] I am richard from China.mainly responsible for the sales of swimming goggles and scuba masks.[/color][/align][color=#000080] We are a manufacturer and exporter(Shenzhen Ye Jun Enterprise Co., Ltd ) in China specialized in aqua sports products. We are aiming at providing high quality products to all our customers with efficient services and competitive prices. and we are glad to supply our competitive price to your side in order to help you expand your local market,wish you could keep in touch with us and we are willing to offer our best service to you.[/color][/align][color=#000080] Also I am glad to introduce our products to you in detail if you have some time to have a chat with me by way of E-mail or MSN. and firstly please have a view at our three main websites:[/color][/align][color=#000080]http://www.sporto.cn/index.asp[/color][color=#000080]. [/color][/align][/align][color=#000080]http://szallwell.en.alibaba.com/[/color][/align][color=#000080]http://swimming-diving.manufacturer.globalsources.com/[/color][/align][color=#000080] Wish you could find some interesting patterns you like from above websites,also I will provide with our catalogue and even some samples to you if you wants to have a view in practical(the samples will be free to you,and just let me know your DHL or Fedex account NO. for the delivery charge). after that, let me know your favourite patterns and trial purchasing volumes,I will surely offer you the best competitve price to you and support you in your market to get more profit from the business trade between us,and I look forward to developing the long term business cooperation with your side.[/color][/align][color=#000080][/color] [/align][color=#000080] Richard[/color][/align][color=#000080] Best regards[/color][/align][color=#000080] Have a good day![/color][/align][color=#000080]=================

Shenzhen Allwell Plastic & Rubber Products Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen Ye Jun Enterprise Co., Ltd )

[/color][/align][color=#000080]office address:2608,SHENHUA COMMERCIAL BUILDING,2018 JIABIN ROAD,SHENZHEN,CHINA

Tel:+86-0755-82376661 FAX:86-0755-82376662 Mobile:+86-13265468522

Email address:[email protected][/color][/align][font=arial][color=#000080]MSN:[email protected][/color][/align][/font]
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